TomalaFac – Victory

11 students arrested on 25A morning from #Tomalafac before the protest start, sometimes you feel like you are powerless against their government and the force they use to maintain it, but when you touch victory you remember why you are doing all this.

The cleaning personal of the Madrid’s public faculty will have their salary maintained when they were supposed to be reduced, they wont be any firing when they were supposed to reduce them to a smaller number and finally they will not change their working contract, when they were supposed to change their conditions. I call this a victory of unity, when students fight for people they merely know in the name of dignity.


Thanks a lot people of #Tomalafac for having invited me to this action, when my previous plan of this very particular night would have drove me to jail with my others mates. Their prosecution is today. Hope you guys will be ok, hope you understand why I did not show up to the court.

Yesterday another friend of mine was prosecuted for the 20 December protest we organized, I didn’t went, thanks I did not, they used the famous picture and talked about ” An unidentified person trying to steal the firearm of the police
I can imagine the scene with me present in the tribunal court as the ” Unidentified gun stealer ” …I was just trying to get my friend off their hands … Gun stealer … lol

Carlos my friend, we might have different opinions and a different perception of the way we shall fight the injustice, however you can be sure, if that should happen again, you ll always find my hand, let’s try next time to be at shoulder level lol 😛

Love you all,


Happy 25A

First time of my life I get into a faculty, but it’s for a good reason, we are occupying the Madrid’s sumasaguas campus 😛
It feels safe, Police patroling around 😛 lol

Taking over campus building tomorrow morning, recognition and siege to the congress in the afternoon and activism activities during the night to maintain chaos. That will be a loooooong day !!!!

Let see if the cops feel like bothering us tonight ! Thanks @Tomalafac for the invitation !!!
A great pleasure to share this night with you guys !!!