SobreCorrupcion – 3F

Going back to Calle Genova, a surprise expected us, massive identification from the Police.

Everyone who attempt to reach the demonstration had to go through a Police checkpoint and get identified. EUR500 fine to participate. I had my third identification.
A few minutes after getting into the demonstration, a group of Policemen comes to me to ID check me a second time, another EUR500.

1000 euros spent in less than 10 minutes, it feels like you`re doing shopping for democracy with unlimited credits. I don´t know it yet but in less than 10 minutes another group of Policemen are going to fine me with another 500 euros.

In 3 days I made the Spanish government earn EUR1500, I will rescue the Spanish economics by myself keeping this rate of fines 😛


Police closed us down straight, they then filtered the people by surrounding some groups, leaving some few peoples walk away to make sure they would not go back to set Madrid on fire, when we reached Gran Via we were a very small column of people.

The Police surrounded between Callao and Puerta del Sol a group of young people, moslty  aged between 18 and 20, they ID checked them. Those 7 girls and guys decided to stay in puerta del sol and ocuppy the place, the hashtag #las5deSol was born on twitter.
This night had it planned with the People in Celenque so I did not stay with them the whole night, but I was going to dedicated them my time sooner than expected.

Cronica 3F:



Being away …

” Before blaming me for being away,ask yourself what did you do to stay away ” The little voice.

Sorry it has been over 2 months I didn´t update the blog, lack of time, lack of will, future drawing itself fuzzy, thinking, travelling, I am going to update what I did experience between January 27 and now.

Got a lot to share, “SOBREcorrupcion” en el PP de Rajoy, #las5deSol, the end of Celenque, the 23F, el debate sobre el estado de la corrupcion, personal doubts, example of others civilization, the implosion of the Coordinadora25S etc …

Sorry for being away from you too guys,
Love you,