Ready to rumble


Feeling uncomfy to have to defend  against such a fast moving and lunatic reptile with my knife and machette in a close quarter way,

I’ve got now a self-defense weapon 😛

I m fixed on the point that I’ll do my best not to kill it but as it already charged me once when I was trying to scare it off, I ll make myself a necklace of it’s bone if it tries it’s chance a second time.

But I’m clear on the fact that I wont kill it just because it’s a snake, I am aware on the fact that I see ugliness where I fear to see beauty.

If i sucessfully remove the fear, I’ll find love within the relationship of neighboor with this wonderfull creature of evolution.

When I see it now, rather than throwing rocks or pieces of wood (like yesterday when I found it one meter above my head in the three) I am throwing it fresh eggs near to the location where I spot it.

This way he will for sure not leavu the area, but it might understand I am a friendly and lovely being 😛

After the man and the cricket, here comes the story of the man and the snake 😛



Culebra bastarda, la `cobra´ del Guadarrama

3 days I am fighting for my territory against the biggest salvage snake I ever saw on my life. Even the Cat runs away when he face it… Till now I didn’t know what it was, turns out to be venenous but not mortal. It’s also an area infested by Vipers and Scorpions lol.

My awereness is increased 500% when being in the forest, need to check Every clothes, Glove or shoes before putting it, need to check trees and rocks for snakes, walking with flip flop in 50cm tall herbs and honestly I might not have Snakes phobia, when you see a 1 meter reptile sneaking into your tent, it gives you an adrenaline rush !!!!!!

Yes i am carrying the machette nearly 24/7 lol

Es el reptil más grande y temible que mora y depreda en la Sierra de Guadarrama

Por Diego Gil Muñoz

Es la mayor culebra de la Península Ibérica y de Europa, puede llegar a medir los 2,5 m de longitud, siendo las hembras más pequeñas. Está poco difundida en el mundo, sólo por Francia, Península Ibérica, Marruecos y Argelia. Es una serpiente muy agresiva, si es molestada adopta la postura de la cobra, con un siseo penetrante. 

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