Role Model – Confucius

We all have people that inspires us, for some of us they are role models or even idols, mine are at the number of 5 they are called Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and all recently Elijah. All of them for specific reason, for the lessons I could learn from them based on the (alterated) knowledge available in our cultural history.
I do not dream to be like them at all, I agree with Muhammad on the Idolization point, I am who I am and will not make the mistake to try to be who I am not, however their are great lessons that can be learn from those enligthened masters.

So I will start with Confucius, I will try to give you a glimpse of why they does inspire me, why I admire their exemplarity, given my perception of life.

Starting with Confucius, teacher of wisdom and compassion who preached for a moral and ethical social context.

Confucius lived in a time in which China was yet not know has China, this territory was define by cultural fronters reffered as ” wa chi”.
In the pre-Confucius area this territory was governed by the “Jo dynasty” in a feodal organization in which ruled philosophical kings and ethical leaders, ruling by their virtue and sense of moral.
When the Jo kingdom exploded, these kings and leaders lost their territories in favor of war lords and emperors. The Jo Kingdom splitted apart in several territories.
The rights given by birth desappeared in favor of hard earned rights, assigned by one’s power, talent or skill, virtue were not anymore a way of political practice.

After the Jo dynasty era, China was an anxious society stressed by the wars between kingdoms and the lost of people’s rights.

Confucius started his experience in dark times, however he always preached a return to the ancient values, moral and rituals.
Confucius wanted to be a politician, he wanted to be a king adviser. At the age of 15 he was named Minister of crime in his home province, it has been his first and highest political function, he then decided to become a teacher and opened a philosophical school, in which he had his first disciples, which most of them ended in political functions.

Confucius teached to every single Soul, with the only condition of a mind ready to learn, it is said that he teached to lower classes and criminals.
” I will not open a mind that is not starving for openess” – Confucius.

After a period of time, he decided to comply with his life objectives, he left his wife and daugther and went on the road for 14 years.
” One can help his society without office ” – Confucius
He preached a life without luxury believing that all unecessary comfort imposes restrictions to the mind and heart.

He had instructed and advised in 4 different kingdom, his dream was an ancient like governement, led by a sage and ruled by gentlemen leading by exemplarity of humanness and goodness, he believed in a governement for the people, not by the people, the world at that time did not ear about democracy yet 🙂

” Virtue can do what laws and police can’t, it’s power is so great that it doesn’t requires the use of physical force ” – Confucius
He is known to have solved wars by the power of virtue, on the other side he had ordered several executions, a troop of dancers and singers because he interpreted their show has disrespectful, he also ordered the execution of a great teacher, seen as a potential concurrent.

” The man is the message, not the beliefs ” – Confucius
He almost had not expressed or transmitted his spiritual beliefs, he understood that men will always differ in the beliefs, but not on the ethical and moral values. He also said ” An action teaches more than a thousand of words ” I can only agree with this statement of examplarity.

Confucius his known to have restore social harmony and stability between generations and kingdoms, he ruled over social context with this clear statement ” People follows laws because they fear the consequences of not respecting them,if you base a society on fear, people will naturally loose their conscience” how true is that …

He was a maniacs of rituals, he would not sit if the position could not allow him to be in a certain direction he also said ” Sincerity, humility, respectfulness, generosity and li (personal rights) are my everydays ritual to shape my humanness ”

He refused to be seen as a great thinker of philosopher ” I transmit, I don’t innovate ” referring to the ancient teachings and wisdom, by his experience he also declared ” everyone has the potential for unlimited wisdom ” and when asked about his social success he answered ” Success is medible by the depth of self-understanding ”

His teachings about love was based on a tree image, saying the parents are the root, the family being the body and the close beings the branch, the others being the leafs, the parent being entitled to the deepest love, and the leafs to a moderated one.
”  Be gentle in the correction of your parents ” – Confucius

He mentioned he never had meet a sage, he also refused to see himself as one, he merely defined himself as a teacher of ancient ethics.

Finally he believed that the path to heaven was by self spiritual discipline because ” The universe revolve around the self of each beings ” I interpret here some quantum knowledge.

There are many point in which I do not agree totally, but for his moral and ethical values, for his actions and what some would see as a ” sacrifice of social and family life ” Confucius has restored the social peace by the impact of his teachings and way of life.

This is why he is one of the great source of light and lessons to me and this is why Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are not part of them, even if polls reflected that they are from the most idolize persons of this world…