The Third round of ” RODEA EL CONGRESO “, we had retouched our giant Poster and gave the meeting to people to Plaza Neptuno and Plaza del Sol, the amount of people coming back was amazing again, Plaza Neptuno was again full 1800: Plaza del Sol were I met my mate from the Coordinadora and with a huge amount of people we started to walk to Plaza Neptuno, people in the streets joining us during the march. 1900: Plaza Neptuno on 29S 2030: This time we were more organized and manage to have a sound system mounted with a generator in order to communicate the manifeste of the Coordinadora 2300: when the police got ready to charge people we decided to close the demonstration and invited people to an assembly the day after at 1100 in the Retiro parc 2315: Yes the police truly was ready for action even if they were no incident to be reported

The Giant Poster once again on 29S

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29S Chronicle:

See you on October 13 !
Love, peace and Wisdom !