After the 25S, we yet had no idea again if people would be ready to come back the day after, demonstration during working days are not a common thing in Spain, they tend to organize them on Saturdays or even Sundays, however that was another great day, Plaza Neptuno again was full, we had agree to meet them at 1900.

This day we had already learnt from the previous day and decided to sit on the ground in order to prevent Police to charge us with no reason, today they were on the other side of the fences, they were no Police in our side of the barricade.

This day was animated by the infiltrated cops, but fortunately they mostly was discovered when throwing beer cans to the Anti-riots cops and pushed away the demonstration pacifically by demonstraters shouting ” Infiltrados ” (Infiltrated Cops) and ” Fuera ” (Out)

Police Forces too has learned from the previous day, at 2300 just before they decided to remove us from the place, we were surrounded by the police in all possible direction

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