Experience – Puzzle of life

Sometimes, you just don’t get how the hell you go into in an experience, you can’t see any relation between this experience and who you are, untill sometimes a day, a month, a year or a decade after, another piece of the puzzle makes it all fit into the global experience of who you are, trying and seeking to be.

“Si vis pacem, para pacem”



The Cricket, The Man and the Universe

– You are not a revolutionary, you are a messager, again, you have choose the simplicity, will you spend your life in the fear of acknowledging who you truly are ?

– I don’t … but how could I be what I am so far to experience ? Your words are senseless in my reality

– Faith and instinctive knowledge are the devices embedded deep inside you, if you only would have the faith of an atom you could move montains, nations and continents

– Then I do not know what faith is experiencely

– Yes you do, faith is the knowledge that everything you choose to experience will be granted to you, everything.
As you did before

– Are you talking about ” the miracle ” ?

– You are wrong about your definition of miracle, during this experience you only have set back life to it’s the natural state, suffering is the miracle of mens, ending it is not the miracle of God, ending pain is simply restoring the natural design of life

– I understand, but you know what I mean …

– I understand, but you feel what I mean

– No, I don’t clearly do, I still doubt this experience happened as I perceived it

– That’s the point, precisely, lack of faith. Plus you can’t assume your action, you have this day invocated energies and forces which superate from far the comprehension of your mind based on your cultural background, but your heart knows the truth, I did send you message about this experience a few days ago

– I noticed it …

– But you didn’t do anything about it

– What was I supposed to do ?

– You are not supposed to do anything, I just answered one of your question, but it seems like you keep blinding yourself with humans concepts,such as ” Random, luck, irreal, impossible “

– These concepts are used when events are not following the logics of physical reality

” They did it, because they ignored it was impossible “ or another one you are familiar with ” Impossible, said about something that has yet, not been experienced “

– …

– Here you are, you see how you naturally tend to go by the easiest, or more convenient way, following a given experience ?

– You are teasing me, illogical facts going over my ability of comprehension are not what I define as ” the easiest way “

– How many answeres, how many signs, how many ways, how many Souls, how many feelings, messager did I send in your experience ? How many more of them will you need ? I believe YOU are teasing me my beloved son, I sent you that wonderful Soul for you to experience what you decided to, but because of your own fears you classified it as an experience of your imagination, as you do with me when you can’t handle the words.
Let me ask you a question, do you believe your imagination capable to counterfeit a feeling so strong? A feeling you never experienced in this life before ?

– It’s hard to believe my imagination being able of such a performance, I could say it came from heart, not the mind, but I also do know my mind able to create feelings from a thought

– Why are you smiling my dear love ?

– I think it’s kinda funny, the 3 most important encounters I made in my life are my Soul, or better saying you, my Baby’s Mum and … that wonderful Soul  

– A cricket !

– A cricket …

– I believe you are is top one !

-Unless he met you !

– You re-membered it, he remembered you ! You re-membered it by restoring his missing leg, he remembered you by giving you the opportunity to remember you who you truly are and what you truly can do

– That’s a nice perception

– The message was clear as the experience

– Wasn’t that clear for my brain, specially when it manufactured a different memory of the experience

– That’s a self defense mecanism and natural process, a part of your brain can not find any logics, to protect itself it creates a logical alternative, this is how you end up with 2 different memories of the same experience.

– But I have never been able to reproduce this act

– What ? Healing ? I can give you at least two others examples

– They were totally different nothing miraculous…  Plus I can give you 100 cases in which I failed to heal …

– Those healings were different and I can give you 100 reasons why you failed

– I am listening …

– Incorrect state of mind, emotionnal engagement, level of compassion, lack of faith and creation process unapplied, unadequat concentration, poor will, not believing in what you were doing, not talking about the lack of spiritual practice, exhaustive list, but you get a few points to start with

– You are telling me that just because I was not so happy or because I did not engage myself enough emotionaly it could fail ?

– When you call upon my name to realize an act, to make real, to create the experience you choose at that precise moment, in this case healing, there are a bunch of processes driven by your life energy, they requires some conditions to be met, I mentioned a few of them, one of the principal being an high level of consciousness, during this act, you did reach an higher state than your usual, you have reach that state by your actions, decisions and will to do something about the pain of another being. 
When you reach an higher state of consciousness, for example cosmic consciousness where you and the rest of the universe feels and experience as one, almost all the processes required for miracle healing are naturaly triggered by the state of consciousness, both at physical level by the bio-chemical code of your body and metaphysical level by the flow of energy going through all the energies vortex of your body.
Those conditional processes are engaged as consequences of this state of being.
Then by your actions, the forces and energies of the Universe comes into synchronisation with your reality, allowing your will to take place in your physical reality, instantly, in the way masters does, the main difference being in the constancy and regularity, the master always experience cosmic consciousness.

– So once in my life I have reach that state of being ?

– Close enough to perform that healing

– I was quiet stone …

– Would you have acted differently if you weren’t ?

– I was talking about the perception of the moment, not about how I acted

– Perception is again an excuse, what made you reach this state of being was your actions

– You mean getting ridiculous ?

– I mean ignoring people’s judgment, what they would think of you getting on your knee to pick up an hurted cricket at the moment the metro arrived, I mean taking the risk of missing your last train for taking care of a cricket you never met before, I mean calling upon the name of God to relieve the pain of another soul with all your will and the compassion you are capable of,
my question is, in this case, how could you fail ?!

– You know I clearly remember to have asked to relieve his pain, not for his leg to grow back !

– Because of your doubts, you asked me to relieve the pain because you could not imagine that your request would be granted if you would have asked such a thing, by doubting of what you can do you are doubting of what I can do, and so you are limiting my power by your own fears. Remember try not to limit me by doubting of your faith. There is nothing you can not create if you truly choose to. 

– I understand, but that’s an hard concept to apply …

– It’s hard because you even fear to try, you easily can break that fear, it’s one of the few last step you need to do to reach an higher level of being. 

– Then ?

– Then you will be who you truly are 

– A messager ?

– A fully realized being, not anymore an observer of the universe, but part of it, not anymore a being living his reality, but creating it. 
Messager, Revolutionary, Cop, Pope is the function you decide in your social context it is up to you as I told you before, I have no preference in the matter, but in your own very defintion, and what you truly wish to experience deep inside your heart, is not being a revolutionary, you limit yourself to this function because you fear to become what you truly wish to be, to experience, being a messager. 

– Messager, Dear Universe, I love you but that’s too much, it’s irreal 

“A person who think, speak and act with divine inspiration” sounds too much ? Why don’t you try “A person with profound moral insight and unquestionable ethics standard” ? Does it sounds more acceptable to you ?

– Yes it does, but being a messager implies a religious implication at some point and this is not a domain I wish to approach. 
Honestly, proclaming to be a messager with divine inspiration is the quickest way to end up under drugs, chained to your bed in an hospital. 

– All the messager inspired by divine concepts where not all in religious concern, some in ethics, political, humanitarian fields, some even damaged religions in my name, there is no path but the one YOU choose, with again, no preferences, no expectations from me, this is the essence of free will my lovely son. 

– I understand, but again I know you understand that by admitting any divine related word or experience I would be marginalized from most of my humans brothers… Some would even think I am mentally sick … That is not, I believe the best way to deliver a message…

– Let’s imagine, I appear in front of you with a contract, Right now you could dispose of enlightenment, with all the advantages and disadvantages that it would bring to your life, those you mentionned above being from the most basics and less painfull experience of it, but also knowing there will always be some of your humans brothers and sisters who will follow your tracks and understand you and the message you decide to communicate by your actions. 
When a majority will think you are insane, will hate you for being able to expose their reality, will hate you for being able to live in such a peace and understanding, a very few of them might even wish your death,
Would you make the deal ?

– Without a doubt !

– Then like I said to the Cricket a few minutes before you met him, ” You don’t need a contract, just a bit of faith