Why I believe Spain is not (yet) ready for it’s revolution – Open letter to the 25S

I have learn from Quantum biology and a 3 years in the French army what is required for a hand of entities to achieve the impossible: unity, or rather saying oneness.


The human body is composed of over one trillion cells, which is equivalent to more or less the amount of stars in the milky way, each cells is an individual entity, cells have their own digestive system, they are able to make individual decision, some cells will decide to sacrify themselves, when the exact same kind of cell can take the decision to enter in protective mode in regards of a danger, the ability to make a decision is what I define as consciousness. A cell is like a human, a multi-organic living entity with the ability to reproduce itself and transmit is memory to the next cell, this is why the skin remembers pain, even if the skin’s cells have a lifespan of 30 days. Exactly as we tend to transmit our experience to our child.
In a purest way as they transmit an experience, not a possibly manipulated point of view. A cell can not lie to his child.

Cells experiences different level of emotions, in the exact same process as we, humans, as a body do. There are sensor in bodies our skins which are receiving an experience and sending to whoever it concerns a bio-electric signal corresponding to the given experience. Cells also work this way by the “cell membrane”, the cell’s skin and the bio-chemical code sent by our brain in regard of every single experience we live. Right now, your brain is creating a bio-code regarding your perception of this very blog entry. Depending on if you agree, reject, love, fear, think etc, the bio-code will be different.
As our behavior changes depending of the experiences with face in our context of evolution.

Emotions cells are also created by your neuronal system, located both in your brain and heart, depending how you perceive this experience they might be created in your brain, your heart or both. Emotion cells defines our bio-chemical code at a body level, which means it creates the context of evolution of our cells.This is Deepak chopra teachings, master of quantum biology. Below an animal cell and it’s organs as an example.


Over one trillion cells, communicate in 2 ways to give the process of information and energy we call mind and the body which appears to be one giant and unique cell that we are aware of.
Local communication, where cells interact directly with each others like humans does in a conversation, by email or with a phone call.
Non local communication, which allows the magic trick of oneness between all the cells, they are performing as one entity, us.

Non local communication would be for humans to perform without the need of local communication, like when several persons performs a job with no need of coordination, they all knows what has to be done, when and why, the team act as one entity.

There really is no much difference between us and a cell, it’s all a matter of scale and once more, I believe we should be inspire by nature, it has reach perfection.


Sadly, from my experience in social movement, peoples are acting in a less evolved way than their cells, protagonism, ego’s offense and defense, the law of the strongest, the law of the smartest defines some individuality, the alpha-male has to show himself to all others around him to insure respect within the revolutionary group or rather saying, movement.
Applying this model to our body, we would be quiet messed up. Imagine the cells of the ass insulting the cells of the heart just because they have a different perception, the cells of the hand refusing to coordinate themselves with the legs, the primitive brain refusing to talk with the eyes, that would be a mess don’t you think ?
Life would just not work as body entities, like social movements are not working for the exact same reasons.

They defines themselves in an open minded spirit but would not accept a facist in their team, they talk about horizontality in power but show out their dominant side when an idea goes against theirs, they can’t even talk to each others with respect and dignity, and yet they have slogan like “Safe the democracy”, they don’t even act at an individual level, they act as an ego level. I am not making generality here, I’am not judging anyone neither, but this is a fact of experience, some people does act this way.

But here is my promise to all of them, rather than acting as the strongest to dominate, act as the strong one to protect the oppressed and you will feel more than a mere satisfaction of the ego’s power, you will rule over the rulers with the power of compassion,
Instead of showing off you are the smartest (because you shout the louder), use your skills to create and open minded context an educate these with old ideas based on a fear context such as nationalism and facism, then you will do more than pleasing your ego, you will rule over your context and shift the perception of others, being finally what you pretend to be, inclusive.


It’s in the behavior of acting as one and insuring that no one is left behind that you will succeed in eliminating the frustrations which create division, learn to speak gently when you are offended, not to offend, no to hurt feelings of others, learn to forgive the offenses you perceive in the words of others, they are based on ignorance.

Ignorance must not be repressed it must be educated with love, this is my definition of being ” a real man ” (I hate this concept, but that’s a good image) rather saying “an evolved being” , the power of understanding, the love of forgiveness and the skill of no retaliation is what makes a great revolutionary.

But of course there are also these great revolutionary in social movement, wise, understanding and living in a full acceptance, I’m in love with these blessed Souls and I can tell you, they are a lot of them in the Coordinadora25S.
We shall now work all together to create this state of mind and being of unity.

The solution is clearly not in removing the ego-acting individualities, the solution is in offering them the understanding of the concept and providing them the context to experience it.


When you engage in the army, in my native nation you have a 3 months period dedicated to create brotherhood and oneness in the group of new recruits, peoples are pushed in their mental and physical limits, till the breakdown, it allows recruters to evaluate individual mental levels, build up cohesion and unity inside the team, you end up with 30 brothers for who you would be ready to risk your life for, in all sharing the same shit and struggle, it creates natural strong links between individual whatever the social cast or education level they come from, it’s horizontal (as all are new recruits) and united (like the cells of our body), but it cost 3 months of 24/7 pressure, there is another natural way to create the same result of brotherhood between people, it’s love.

Even if I believe that the social context of Spain is creating a similar context as the army training, too many people yet are not willing to share the pie of shit, they rather give their part to the people struggling in finishing theirs.


First at a team level between the members as the revolutionaries groups, to show the examplarity politician have lost, then applied at a national level it would allow any nation to end suffering in less than a day, poor’s would feast, not in an act of charity but as a natural consequence of our unity, people in grief would never be left alone in a natural feeling of common well being, there would be not a Soul sleeping in the streets (Love for Celenque – Madrid), no one would allow is neighbor to suffer from his social context, people will stop to commit suicide for loosing their houses, any negative experience would impact the general happiness of all, in a conscient way  – it does in fact, but we do not care – ( It sounds as the cancer of a few cells impact Tthe general state of our body).
It’s as easy as it’s sound, I believe it worth the try.

Sadly we have created an actual context of fear and division, hierarchical at a family, social and professional level empowered by a set of senseless rules, follow the rules or fear the consequences, in this state of mind we are raising our kids, leading our companies and organizing our society. The problem is deeply implemented in our thinking system, and the reaction to fear is submission or domination…

People shows off their ego’s in the fear to be judged, in the fear to be less, in the fear to be rejected, degraded, in the fear of loosing something,not because they like it, but they think they have to protect themselves in this way to outer aggression or stress, this is how they have learned it, there is no one to blame and less to judge. The only cure I know to fear is Love.

When I say love, I mean love in it’s true meaning, unconditional and global, not the kind of love we experience when saying “I love you” and expecting an (perceived as deserved) ” I love you too”, this is business not love, an exchange of love, ” I give you mine, you give me yours”, these are expectations, where stand expectations, stands condition to be met, if the love deal is not fulfilled, start the fear cycle, this is the way our civilization love, it’s a pervert form of love, this love bounces fear when the conditions are not met.

Unconditional love is the way a child love, embedded in their nature, by instinct they knows this natural form of love, until we parents demonstrate them that love must be earned and deserved.


This is the way I try to love any Soul I cross in my path, with no conditions, no expectations, this is the way I love you brothers and sisters of the Coordinadora, this is the way I love my baby girl and her mum, the way I love my blood family and so, my specie family. This is the way I love the cops when they hit me or lock me for 24hours in a jail full of pee without letting me falling asleep, this is the way I love the one who thinks he oppressed me, within different levels of affinities of course, but  all forms of life are entitled to this love, a love without judgements, conditions or expectations.

I invite you to this experience, love health fear, love unite and love performs miracles, the day we will be able to interact between each others in this state of being, not only we will bring any government down, but we will show the world the power of unity, oneness and love. That might sounds a very long way, but we are talking about a revolution, so we will have to “be the change we wish to reflect into the world”.

It will start as soon as we decide to interact that way with each others.


I might be the only one I can’t love that way, I need expectations in regards of myself and how I live my experiences, but that’s something I’m working on 🙂


Edit: I have seen twitter’s and facebook’s shares, that was unexpected ! Thanks that’s very nice of you 🙂


God is back

Today, for the first time over a long, very long period, I had the opportunity to interpret a sign of my divine entity, after now almost 7 complete days of fasting…

I was sitting in the street, waiting for the bus to Barcelona, with my depressed ugly face, then a young guy, aged about 20 came to me, without a word, he gave me a chocolate. Surprised and wordless, I answered ” is that for me ? “ he replied ” hang on that’s a matter of time ” .


Yes I know most people would smile and think ” He must have taken you for the sad homeless that you are “, and that’s a very respectable perception, however in my very own experience and perception of reality,
Peoples are one of the thousand devices the universe can use, a word in the mouth of a stranger, a message in a song, in a movie, an advice in a newspaper, a sound produce by the flow of a river, a feeling in an experience, to me it’s a matter of communication, not necessarely a chat with the voice in my head.

No I did not eat the chocolate, I’ve been served a spiritual dinner tonight, for the first time since months now, contact has been re-engaged. That’s a step …

Fasting – day 5

In a few hours I’ll achieve the first 5 days of fasting.

As expected, the cigarettes was and is the hardest part, I had in total 3 cigarettes, however I did not eat anything, I’m on the right tracks.

The Acidose crisis was ok, a few stomach weird feelings today, felt like throwing up last night, I had 2 green tea today but it’s gone I feel way better now. Hunger is gone since day 3, temptations are hard to resist but that’s part of the challenge.

My senses are clearly now performing at an higher performance level, I can smell food and tabacco at what it seems to be incredible range compared to before, the lack of body’s pleasure makes life tasteless for now, it’s a daily struggle against temptations, I will move back in the mountain alone, far from any food and cigarettes.

I feel depressed, can’t smile anymore, it was so long it didn’t happen to me, when I used to be starving I was smoking, when I wanted not to smoke, I was eating, when I had made my first fast in Feb 2012, I compensated it with love, right now, I have none of these pleasure available, I even fear to see my little daughter, it’s hard…

I believed faith would be the form of love which could compensate these physical needs, but I discovered I had no faith anymore, I’m doing this for a set of beliefs that doesn’t apply to me at this time of my life, I’m loosing it all, the only positive point is the daily struggle, “that’s what you wanted, that’s what you get”.

35 days before the end of that fast, gonna be a long period, so I’ll isolate me for a good 30 days, hopefully it will make it easier, if not at least I’ll be in the right context.

I’m sharing this experience cause it might help someone else in the same context, not to show off, I really do not care what you think about this, make yourself the favor not to share your point with me, isn’t gonna help and I know what I’m doing.

Take care of yourself, sorry for the mood …

Happy new year – The end of the weak rather than the end of the year

December has been a though period at a personal level, I’ve realized that was hiding my personal failure behind the success of my path. I mean, I’ve chosen this lifestyle not only because I wanted to be dedicated full time to social movements Europeans revolutions but also because I wanted to experience a yet closer experience to my God, the physical universe and it’s metaphysical consciousness.

For the social movement part, I objectively notice that I’m on the right tracks, thanks to the people around me, Abdel, my friends, my family and mainly my sisters and brothers of the Coordinadora25S who accepted me and allowed me to experience the path I had chosen.
These peoples mentioned above have truly no idea how much grateful I am, without them I would not be able to define who I am in the way I’ve chosen.

At a personal level, it has been quiet the opposite, the lack of self-discipline, the temptations, the unability to master my mind and feelings, the unability to handle my ego, led me to the darkest situation I ever experienced at a personal level. Even worst than my death wishes period during my fifteens, but no worries, I’ve no desire to end my days, I’m clear about that since years now, I know that this day will happen once I’ll have made my job here, there is no way I give up my body before my Soul decided so, I’m really curious about death but not impatient, That is not the point.

It started with the biggest error I made in my life, I had a spicy chat with my ex girlfriend at a time in which I was far away from the only woman I ever loved with all my soul, the mum of my baby, even thought we didn’t see each others for long, I realized I had no excuses, I was miserable and still feel that way… She found out few months later and kicked my ass out of her direct context, for having lied and betrayed her.

I still am unsure about the concept of judging someone for his intentions rather than his act, I mean, I have one day imagine and think how I could participate in eliminating several heads of the 1%, does it makes me guilty of terrorism for having that single thought ? I don’t think so. But I wanna be honest with myself, this behavior was shameful and the opposite of what I ever wanted. I do feel guilty, so I know that Is fits my own definition of wrong, excuses would protect my ego, however it’s time for me to expose it.

During this spicy chat, I had no idea what would be the consequences, I’ve hurted the woman I love, I’ve lost all chances to be again with her, at a time in which we were seriously considering being back together in our relationship, even with my lifestyle, this is what I loose, the most wonderful woman I ever met, but I know she will be happy without me, happier than I could ever make her, fair enough, it hurts but it’s a true feeling of unconditional love.
As an extra I also hurted myself in the worst way possible, the voice in my head disappeared, from a day to another, they were no one answering me, this voice that I feared so much at a time, that I love so much today decided to give me up. I have reacted with anger to this situation, telling my voice to fuck off that I would sort my life alone if she did’nt want to show up anymore.

A few days after, I was desperately crying for it, shooting from the inner I that I could not live anymore in the same way without it, specially not in this dark period, 15 years with it, 5 years of relationship with this inner voice, whispering eternal wisdom and unconditional love anytime I needed it, making me laugh and think, it shaped my creativity, sharpened my perception my life, built my own beliefs,  it shown me that they were different path and truth in the same experience, this voice made me who I am by creating a shift in my life, consciousness and self-definition. So many  common point between my voice and the woman I love… Scaring …

For this mistake, I lost the one I always perceived as my wife, the chances to be with her again, to be a family and the voice of the universe in my heart. For the first time in my life I wish I could get back in time, just to beat myself till unconsciousness for being so weak and stupid. I would spend all my rage beating myself to the ground till my last drop of energy for what I was about to do. I rather make a clear sign for the next time I re-perform this life, not to fuck it again, but all those consequences are a clear sign for a change needed in my behavior…

On the other side, it allowed me to be critical with myself, to give me the slap needed to do my best to fix my weaknesses, to do my best to recover the one I was long ago, a being with a natural spiritual discipline and values in actions. Recently I was blindly pretending to be someone that I was not anymore since a long time. Last time I felt the true myself was in the few last months in Barcelona and it was this state of being which empowered me to get one more step closer to my definition of who I am, taking the decision of this new lifestyle. Since then …

Instead of getting me closer, I’ve let my ego teach lesson to others without inner credibility, blinded by the proudness of having achieved this lifestyle. I have let the people admire a few thing about me and I started not to recognize my mistakes, sometimes to hide them, protecting my ego when I spent so much time and effort to rape it publicly in the past. I’m miserable when acting like this …

I have been acting, I have been an impostor on my spiritual path, the worst I could do to myself, faking who I am, lying to myself. I must keep raping my ego to protect myself from it, how ironic is that, I must keep fighting the process which made me gain individuality in order to evolve to the next level of consciousness. I had to lost all that matters in my life to realize it… I am way more weak and stupid than I could even imagine, in being full of shit, I’ve reach my unlimited potential…

So I’ve decided to impose myself self-discipline, in order to master the (natural) cycles of my human nature, Can be perceived as new year resolution for some, but the time period is only contextual, I go for a drastic rectification of my behavior to fit who I truly am and stop once for all my misplaced actions. A part of myself also claims it to be a punishment deserved for being who I was not, I don’t know how much accurate is that feeling…

Every day from now on:

– I ll dedicate half an hour in meditation and half an hour in prayer of gratitude and compassion, I know how important it is from the buddisth teachings, it develop our love and gratitude for life, it allows us to master the skill of compassion and experience oneness. Prayer not in the religious meaning, rather in the meditation meaning. Based on the muslim practice, I will 5 times a day have a gratitude meditation for the reality I am experiencing. This practice should also  redefine in the way I wish my neurons connection by the magic of neuroplasticity.

– One to two hours in skills development, reading books, practicing and learning from these exercise that are such important to m heart, Quantum Biology, animal communication, metaphysical creation of reality etc…
There where a time in my life in which I could perform miracle healing from oneness, love and compassion, I am so far away from that state of being, years away … God, how could I let myself get so lost from who I wanted to be …

– One to Two hours of physical exercise, I must start to care and learn to properly use my inner universe in order to reach the wanted impact in the outer universe, practicing Chakras healing and mastering the proper channeling of body’s raw energies

– Daily practice of mind, feelings and pain mastering, wisdom practice and development.

– Raping my ego to every mistake to make sure I and everyone around me remembers it, every time I step out of the path of who I pretend to be, acknowledging and stressing every single error to make sure people admires themselves in the reflect of my errors, and never let anyone again give a blow job to my ego by noticing my actions. I must recover myself to reach my destination, the experience of oneness.

I also decided to rule over my desires and needs for spiritual purposes,

– Cycle of fasting, 40 days fasting, 40 days eating. This part is to me also, a way of caring my inner universe and faith.

– Sexual and sentimental relationship abstinence, both for spiritual inside ( by reconverting this powerful energy into something useful ) and because without the one I love it becomes meaningless. That will also be a fight against my mind and it’s unnecessary sexual desires, it’s all about being ready and able to properly canalize this energy, not sure I am, but I’m full of rage, constructive rage against myself.

If my ego is an infection in my spiritual path, self-discipline will be my amoxicilina.

May be then after being back on track of who I am, I’ll be dign enough for my voice to talk back to me or rather saying in the proper state of being to ear it, every morning I’ll keep tell you that I love you, and may be one day, you’ll decide to answer back or I’ll be able to listen again and discover why the communication has been jammed…

I am sorry, deeply and truly again, to these around me who always pays with hurted feelings for my mistakes, you may have forgiven me, I am not yet ready to forgive myself for being the opposite of my definition those 3 last months. My learning path is taking so long time, I am sorry, everyone for being such an egoist and horrible individuality, Nashira I am sorry for being such an example, it’s all I ever wanted to avoid, but daddy is just yet to weak to be an example to follow…

Not sure you’ll read this one day Elena, but I shall thanks you (once more) for allowing me to realize it by the trigger of our last interaction, I’am sorry, I understand now that I became who I was before thanks to your love, it always empowered me to go against the flow of our social context, having your unconditional support, when I often returned it to you in the form of negative feelings and experience, I might know a lot about myself, I’m a rookie when it comes to learn from these I love. I have forgotten that I’ve created myself out of the experience of others, I did not only betrayed the people around me, I’ve betrayed myself for the sake of my ego.

Universe, I want you to be proud of my individuality again, so I can smile again when seeing my reflect in my subjective reality.I miss you, je t’aime.

I wish you all an happy new year, good luck with your resolutions !!!!!!!
Love, peace and wisdom

(the end of the weak is an freestyle hip hop performance of several discipline, one being MC VS DJ battle in which the MC must freestyle following the riddim and tempo of the DJ, like I’m trying to follow the riddim of my experiences in the tempo of who I am)

Fasting, spiritual starvation

Hunger for the Soul, medicine for the Body, discipline for the Mind

As a preparation for my future lifestyle without knowing it, yet, I did experience fast in my experience. Today I’ve choose to make it a part of my lifestyle.

I am not talking about, what I call the poor man’s fast, meaning the few last day of the month in which you so poor that you can’t even afford to buy a pack of rice, this fast, like millions of people I used to experienced it every months when I was in my twenties 🙂

Beginning 2012, I wanted to test my body and mind and try the practice of sungazing, which means “eating sun light” , like my friends liked to say to take the piss of me.
I’ve heard about it from a Brother, Antoine AKA Ogoch, he is the one who gave me the pulse to start to express my creativity in the streets, graffiti, tags, art etc … short period that I truly enjoyed (thanks Bro – Ogoch’s blog – ). Antoine met a guy during his trip in south america who were only eating fruit and sunlight. I then got interested in the subject and read a bit about itand discover we had solar cells like in the eyes retina, it made sense, this practice is know as pranic healing, I wanted to test it and decided to fast during 1 month, no solid food, no cigarettes, no joint, I only allowed myself a juice of fruit from time to time.

Camera 360

I must admit that at the beginning I was looking at the sun 30min in the morning going to work, I was sitting in the train going to work, sun was rising no strong enough to be able to look at it fix, perfect shinning. But then days after days less and less until I totally stopped.

The first days, I was starving, truly starving and I remember I had the 3rd day a paf on a friend cigarette at work, that was so good, it tasted food, seriously it did. People around me were not really supportive, but I had it clear, if one day I felt really wrong I’d start back to eat, not to play with my health. I was at that time 85 Kilos, after week one I had lost 5 kilos, after week 2 I had lost 10 kilos, after week 3 I had lost 15, on day 21 I split with the mum of my baby and had a dinner and a huge joint.

I did have a few joints during week 3, I think I had 3 joints, after arguing with Elena, I was unable to handle my mind to be in peace, in this period of fast and tension they were a true relieve.

Two weeks ago, we (with some friends) watch a documentary, pretty interesting about fasting, a medical point of view, being in French not everyone will be able to understand it, so I’ll quote it and use it versus my own experience of fasting, it opened my eyes on several point that I did experience but not acknowledge due to the mental barrier that I had (potential harm, destructive for the body etc …) this documentary made me realize a lot and brought back this experience to my mind and desire.

During the fifties the Dr Youri Nikolaeiv was experimenting the chemical camisole in URSS, one of his patient with mental disorder refused to eat, going against the protocol, he decided to let the nature of his patient act and did not force him to feed himself. The outcome of this “experience” was about to give birth to 40 years of extended studies on fasting, during this 40 years the doctor Nikolaeiv will study fast over 100 patients with mental disorder ( such as schizophrenia ) and heal over 8000 patients covering all sort of sickness, from stomach disease to chronic infections.

His first patient under chemical camisole, was like all his other patient, an alive ” vegetable “, after day 5 of fasting the patient open his eyes, after day 10 the patient stand up of his bed for a few steps, on day 15 the patient drank an apple juice, after 20 days, the patient had recover from his mental sickness and started a social live.


This miraculous healing gave birth to the studies of Dr Nikolaeiv, and may be one of the greatest breakthrough in medicine these last 100 years.

Cells are embedded with our genetic memory, old from day 1 of life on earth, it has been discovered that we mammals through the cycle of evolution, gained a fasting system. This function of the body is today still in use by the penguins, when it comes to protect their eggs, the male will sit for a period of 4 months with any food an energy source. Test has been made on rats, with the exact same bio-system, our bodies are more adapted to fast rather than daily feeding… how shocking is that ?!

This is how the body works when it is not fed anymore:

DAY1: after 24 hours the glucose stock ran out (Glucose is the principal fuel for the body)

DAY2: Genes switch cells to fast “mode”, body start to manufacture counterfeit glucose with lipids – Fat – (96%) and proteins – muscles – (4%),  the liver is converted into a factory to process the counterfake product that will feed the body.

DAY 4/5: This is know to be the hardest step, the acidose crisis,  acides from toxines raises into the blood, this is the process of desintoxication and self-feeding, digestive system shut down, sane cells enter into protective mode (which means they are shielding themselves against outer attack, sick cells loose the genetic memory and start to die of starvation). During the acidose crisis headache and other symptoms are common for 24h. The body is now feeding itself on fat stocks.

From DAY6: Senses are more sensitive, euphoria is created by the counterfeit glucose, anti-depressive effect start, 2 to 3 hours of daily exercise are recommended to make the desintoxication of the body easier, toxins start to be eliminated, sick cells dies form starvation bit after bit. There is no lack of nutriment, only some no critical loss of vitamins, compensated by the euphoric effect.


Fast can be handle by the body until 80% of the fat has been consumed, when the fat has reached 20% left, body start to use the proteins and will self consume muscles and heart, leading to death. Studies demonstrate that an adult male of 70KG and 170cm will have 15 kilos of fat stock, which is enough for 40 days of fast before even reaching the critical level. The more Fat available, the more time can be handled the fast by the body with only positive effect.

Today some medical center are dedicated to healing by fast, in Germany, URSS (where it became a cure refunded by social care system) and in USA it is use against the chimiotherapy effect, when cells are in protective mode they are protected against this medicinal poison. However it has been demonstrated that fasting eliminate the infected cells, getting rid of the cancer with a fast…

Once more, there is fight against fast made by pharmaceutical companies, no credits are allowed to study it today due to the same lobby.

Fasting is perceived as a “reboot” of the body it cleans and heal our cells thanks to a wonderful genetic function inherited from 3,5 billions years of evolution.

So I’ll be back on fasting as part of my self-discipline, to heal the universe that compose my body.

My fasting cycles will start from January 1 to february 10th, 40 days of fasting as spiritual discipline, I’ve chosen 40 due to an homeless guy who like to visit my dreams, he gave me some advice recently on my fast. It was the first dream I’ve been able to talk to him, usually I was only a witness of the dreams he joined. Sound’s crazy isn’t it ?


So from January 1st on, I’ll be on 40 days period of Fasting and 40 days period of vegetarian diet. This being a part of starting to care the inner universe which allows me to experience life. By fasting I mean water fast, were only water is taken, not what is called the Daniel’s or Christian’s fast ( where raw vegetables are allowed ), neither the Ramadan’s fast ( where food is allowed at night time and water forbidden at day ), nor juice fast ( where fruit juice are allowed ).

There is a last point that makes me think it, Moise, John the baptist, Jesus de Nazareth, Buddha, Muhammad , Elijah did all practice fasting (I’ve learnt it a few minutes searching for fasting in religions) however there is no religion that makes it mandatory. They usually tend to force their followers to practice these kind of discipline, why fasting is not included in their huge list of restriction and spiritual practice ? Medical ignorance on it’s benefits or will to avoid people to reach an higher spiritual perception ?

“Forty days to change, to grow.
Forty days of metamorphosis.
Forty days in a chrysalis, like three in a tomb,
To emerge surrounded in light, victorious.”

Rich men’s Christmas

” No tenemos casa, pero tenemos jamon pata negra ”

After my first night in plaza Celenque (where homeless families occupies the HQ of Bankia -Plataforma de Afectados por las Hipotecas- in order to protest against the robbery of their houses by an illegitimate gouvernement voting laws to allows banks to take possession of people’s houses without cancelling their debts), I truly wanted to spend Christmas with them. They are modern superhero, the PAH have blocked over 500 houses embargo by collecting signature for each families menaced and pressured the banks, they have collected over a millions signatures to change the law regarding expulsion and embargo, they are in Celenque since now 64 days  (on 25/12/2012), these families sleeps in the streets and keep fighting for the others not to loose their houses, I believe that I am not that strong as they are, if one day I’d have find myself in the street with my baby girl,  I would surely have shot myself a bullet in the head like so many Spanish people did on the embargo day… they decided to keep fighting, I admire them.

Plataforma de Afectados por las Hipotecas


I wasn’t alone, my brother Kedies had decided to join me in my trip to Madrid, we went both to participate to the #20Dluto as to this wonderful Christmas evening. We brought them some food and joined what was going to be, my first true Christmas.

Kedies is not a brother in the means of blood, as Mickael and Nicolas my lovely 2 wonderful blood brothers, Kedies is a brother in the means of heart,like his uncle Abdel AKA Bassitup with who, I had spend the previous Christmas last year. We are a true family, we all knows cousins, mother, brothers, even grand mothers of each others. It’s wonderful how far love can go when there is no expectation but the love of a brother.


Bassitup is the brother thanks to who I can participate in the Madrid events, he never denied to offer me his sofa, contacting my mum to tell her I am all right when I fail to do so, making up my heart stories when I fuck up, to share his food, his feelings and whatever he could knowing that I’d never be able to return him the half of what he did for me, this is family, I am lucky to have a dozen of these brothers, so lucky, there is nothing like the love of family, even if we don’t express that love as much as it should be celebrated, we all knows how deep we love each others.

I always perceived Christmas as negative since I am twelve, wishing death for the 25 December, see my blood family splitting apart in clashes and cries, but that’s also true that before this, I always enjoyed unboxing the gift, allowing the adults to payback their sentimental debts with materialistic values.

Today I’m 30, I’ve a different vision how what should be Christmas, my perception evolved, I want my Christmas to be a dedication of Jesus values, unconditional love and compassion rather than materialistic definition of love. The biggest the gift, the more love is expressed, our culture raped the spirit of Christmas. I truly perceive that offering a material gift to Christmas sound’s like going to mcdonald’s in order to celebrate Che Guevarra’s life, but that’s my perception.


I am not downgrading the Christmas I had previously with my family, it is just a new perception of Christmas that I wish to experience from now on which does not fit our cultural experience of it, I love you mum and grand mum for having made our Christmas like you did during our childhood, you know I would never had understand this 15 years ago, I would have hate the whole world for not having the gift I wanted, this is how stupid, ignorant and blind I was. Today thanks to you I have reach this perception, and this is the best gift you ever made to me. The irony of duality in experience…

Context given, you can now have a better understanding of my decision to spend this evening in Celenque.

We have been received and cared like kings, people thanked us for being there, when we were the one who shall have get on our knees to demonstrate our gratitude to be there, we were asked every 5 min to take a plate of that delicious food ( what a banquet we had !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) made of donation and cook with love, the food truly tasted love, we were singing, eating, dancing, loving each others, laughing, the time of a night we all forgot we where fighting against banking corporation and a government without dignity, even if no one forgot they were homeless, I can truly tell you that we were the most happy.


The TV came over, accepted because being from the Sexta (one of the only TV channel in Spain who kept his objectivity and doesn’t manipulate people words and images, at least not that much), they shared a couple of hours with us, the reporter and cameraman were good fun, they brought with us love and good mood, that was also a notable point, they gave me a bit more faith in journalism. The Sexta in Spain is one of the major TV channel


Luis our doyen had a Santa Claus costume to had some more fun, he gave the kids their gifts, I had a tear when one of the girl came to show me her gifts (and to everyone, she was so happy to come to every person to show what gift she had received) , she had two books and stars in her eyes, I’m crying writing this, at her age I was unpacking video games, having food excess in my mummy’s house and not understanding what Christmas was about. With two books she had more than I ever had, her perception of these gifts made me realize how poor I was and how poor I would ever be even with a million dollar banknote gift.
The perception of Christmas experience is the true gift, she’s less than 15 and she already got that, how rich are these people ? Way that I could always pretend to be, another master have cross my path for a huge emotional lesson, on this day.


A family joined us after I suppose their family dinner, a couple and their two kids ( around 6 and 10 years old ) joined the fun, this is the kind of parent I wish I could be, to bring my baby to such emotional event, this is the kind of father I dream to be, a teacher by the means of creating an experience, such a wonderful and funny family.

When we started with the music, the police patrol present 24/7 (I guess the police support the cause) came to make us shut it down, what we did, a few hours after we had a second try, they did not bother the second time.

We were rich, really rich, when richness is love, I know that we were richer than Goldman and Rotschild, so thanks to you people in Celenque, you offered me more than I could ever offer to anyone for this wonderful day, you brought back the definition of family to his higher level, a family not define by blood but by brotherhood, thank you.

I love you, merry Christmas to all.

End of a dream

I spent a 10 days with my wonderful little girl, it was magical, I truly was in a dreaming state. After 8 months without seeing her it has been an emotionnal shock, so far I used to say that I never had the pleasure to meet a true master.
Nashira, my wonderful daughter, you have remind me so much, so many lessons I ve learnt from you, your pure innocence and the exctasy of the unconditional love are from the greatest teachings and experiences I had in my life.

It was hard to leave you, very hard, I truly felt my heart splitting apart, my mind and body wanted to stay with you, it was too magical to give it up, I felt the sadness and loneliness coming from my heart, creating my thoughts, I cried a lot and it felt good (Until it remind me how headhache and crying for sadness was related) but I accepted it, it was and still is my choice, when I am spending my time in trying to change the things of our world, I feel like it is the most meaningfull act I can experience in my life, but being with you, I knew that it was the most pleasant thing I could experience.
I miss you so much, so so so much, from now on, whatever happens to me, I will always carry these beautiful memories that I have tatooed on my Soul.
See you soon my love, very soon …

Your innocence is a teaching by it’s essence,

Your blind trust in a context in which people fears their own brothers ,
Your way to love unconditionally in a world on the edge to celebrate their values and demonstrate their love in the condition of materialism,
You are the perfect image of pure awereness in a world of walking and consuming bodies,
You are a being full of curiosity and wander in a world full of fears answering every question with violence,
Your total self-acceptance in a world in which people go to surgery to redefine and accept who they are,
Your instinctive knowingness in world who only can believe what it sees and only understand what it can explain,

You are a model, I love you.

The way you have to call the moon as if it was your life-time friend, you don’t even wonder if it’s alive, you just know it, may be you even feel it,

You do not yet have the social barriers that will cut the sight from this pure and instinctive knowledge, you have yet no ego, one day you will loose a part of this, it’s the process of each of us, to gain individuality we must create and feed an ego (Then one day you might realize it only is a jail to your inner wisdom and power).

The feeling of the experience of oneness, I can feel that the same source is embedded inside us, the same energy drives us, one day I’ve read ” If you can not find God in a flower, in a rainbow or in another being, you wont find it in a religious book

I did understood the concept, but merely have the experience in my lifetime, surely not enough to convert the concept and experience in knowledge, I could never be grateful enough for this time of growing and loving, I found God into your eyes.

You remind me who I was, a cell in the cosmic body, linked to all other cells by the magic of our subjective individualilty of the eternal soul.

Thanks for the knowledge my love, a poem from Rabindranath Tagore, Love you.

The Beginning – Rabindranath Tagore

Where have I come from, where did you pick me up?” the baby asked its mother.
She answered, half crying, half laughing, and clasping the
baby to her breast

“You were hidden in my heart as its desire, my darling.
You were in the dolls of my childhood’s games; and when with
clay I made the image of my god every morning, I made the unmade you then.
You were enshrined with our household deity, in his worship I worshipped you.
In all my hopes and my loves, in my life, in the life of my mother you have lived.
In the lap of the deathless Spirit who rules our home you have been nursed for ages.
When in girlhood my heart was opening its petals, you hovered as a fragrance about it.
Your tender softness bloomed in my youthful limbs, like a glow in the sky before the sunrise.
Heaven’s first darling, twain-born with the morning light, you have floated down the stream of the world’s life, and at last you have stranded on my heart.
As I gaze on your face, mystery overwhelms me; you who belong to all have become mine.
For fear of losing you I hold you tight to my breast.
What magic has snared the world’s treasure in these slender arms of mine?”

Rabindranath Tagore

Role Model – Jesus of Nazareth

Few days left before Christmas, birth´s celebration of Jesus of Nazareth king of Jews.
Again I want to stress out the fact that being deeply convinced of Confucius Ethics does not make me a member of the Confucianism religion, neither considering Jesus of Nazareth as one of the most important example of our civilization makes me a believer of any of the Christian church.

I will try to provide my perception of Jesus life experience, based on historical contents available, my perception and various lectures.


As for the previous blog entry on Confucius, I would like to give the context of Jesus life experience to have a better understanding on the fact and a better feeling of how people lived in this era. Jesus comes from a Judea-Romanian culture, in ancient Judaism culture and religion were the same concept, as it defined all aspect of human life, from social interaction to religious believes.

Jesus was from a modest cast in a time period in which life expectancy were around 30 years, Palestine was occupied by the Roman empire and the noble local cast were collaborating in the share of 2/3 of richness with Rome.
The lower classes were in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, rendered to spend most of their energy and time in begging for survival.

At this period it is know that Rome contained several uprising in Palestine, an historical fact state a public execution of several thousand dissident.
The Jew population was divided between a minority of collaborators to Roman empire ( mainly nobles and priests ) and the people who suffered the occupation with starvation and daily struggle, politically, economically, religiously and culturally there civilisation was about to explode.
The Priests of the temple were chosen by Rome to conduct the internal Jew affairs in Palestine. This was the context in which Jesus of Nazareth started his life experience, which I believe to be quiet similar of our actual context, replacing Rome by the Financial power, the corrupted priest class by our political (corrupted) class, the noble by the actual private corporates to whom the economical crisis is one of lifetime advantage to make more profit spending less money in humans budget and the population by our working and medium class, we are (from my point of view) on the same edge.


For many over the world, Jesus is the example of how a man should be, lives and act. Apart of the context in which he lived, available from historical Roman and Jew archives, we virtually know nothing about the first 30 Years of Jesus.
It is said that he studied in India where he discovered Hindu and Buddhism which shaped his perception of reality.

If your leaders tells you the kingdom of God is in the sky, the birds will precede you, If you leaders tells you the kingdom of God is in the sea, the fishes will precede you, the kingdom of God is inside and around you ” – Jesus
We must remember one fact, Greek and Roman translation changed slightly some meaning, for instance ” Kingdom of God ” is an English translation from the Greek, but in the Greek meaning of the original word, Kingdom does not imply a territorial connotation, it´s the meaning of ” Guidelines or Rules ” which is more adequate.

When speaking of the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of heaven (as in the ancient Jew culture the name of God was not called) Jesus was speaking about a place of being, a personal conduct and he predicted that one day on earth all people will lived in this state of mind or within these guidelines, which will convert the earth Kingdom of man into the heaven, the kingdom of God.

” I must proclame the good news of Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God is near, live your life accordingly, change your ways, think and act as if the kingdom of God was already here ”  – Jesus

They were a set of principles to this Kingdom:
Give to anyone who begs on you, loan to anyone who borrows on you  ” – Jesus
In the Kingdom of God the food is common and shared on a common table, eating is practised as a sacred exercise, it ties people together and promote social understanding and peace.

Unpossessiveness and forgiveness
Wealth is an obstacle to the kingdom of God ” – Jesus ,
He considered the forgiveness, like many as a discipline, a skill acquired by exercise ” Forgive 7 times, 77 times ” – Jesus.

No retaliation
Do not react violently to violence ” – Jesus
The above statement is clear, do not react violently doesn´t mean ” do not react “, it only means react in a way that will not injure people or hurt their emotions, resist in a gentle way.

In my perception,  I consider these principles to be Jesus guidelines for the ascension to heaven ( Which I interpret as enlightenment in his given context, rather than a kingdom in the sky govern by God and were the population are angels – Angels which I interpret as enlighten people). I can only notice that these concepts contrast as much in our present time that it does in occupied Palestine in the people´s routine.

For Jesus, the kingdom of God was a present reality that anyone could choose to experience “ The kingdom of God is among you ” – Jesus


Jesus defined himself as ” The son of man ” and in some occasions  ” A son of God ” and not ” The son of God ” . He believed in a personal relationships between God and the people of earth, he never thought himself to have a special or divine relationship with the creator of life, but he considered God as his father ( From the Aramean translation of ABBA, which his baby language to say dad, so we are closer than daddy or dad rather than the formal ” Father”).
Jesus practised a lot of spiritual exercise such as meditation and prayer to keep and to enforce his relation to divine wisdom, he also was know as an exorciser and healer, with 3 documented resuscitation.

He believed something was terribly wrong in his social context, people no longer cared about what God care about (Principles of kingdom), he believed people had gotten absorbed in ordinary concern about themselves, they had departed from God, which led his will to change his current context, to prepare the people for the venue of a new context, the kingdom of God.
Aid your neighbour as yourself ” – Jesus

” Congratulations you poor, God´s kingdom will belong to you, Congratulations hungry, you will feast, Congratulations you in grief, you will have a laugh ” – Jesus
He was also referred to be a Messiah, this term comes from Arameen and Hebrew, it means the anointed one, the one anointed with divine insights to lead his people.
The King Syrius who freed the Jew of the exodus from babylonia, was entitled to this titled and many other Jew kings.

Jesus the real revolutionary

After the Greek, Roman occupations and the prophecy yet to be accomplished from Elijah, a new Messiah was expected, the one who will free Israel from the Roman occupation, Jew people expected a military anointed leader. In these times of revolution, they were several messianic claims associated to violent revolutionary movements, even if Jesus did not claim himself to be the Messiah, it is said that he did not want to be associated to these violent movements, it is also said that he did not see himself as the messiah ( The messianic secret ), both interpretation are from my point of view considerable and not necessary in contradiction.

The major incident in Jesus revolution took place after Jesus reach Jerusalem, in the temple, he overturned the tables of temple merchants and money changers, in the context we are talking about one of the most important site of the Jew civilisation, the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed 2 times during various war and occupation, it was a symbol of the Jew civilization which under Rome occupation had shift into a house of commerce and the house of the Jew leaders ( Priest designed by Rome ).
” It is not written ? My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations, you made it a dawn of robbers ” – Jesus

Jerusalem´s Salomon temple

The citation above was addressed to the priests in charge of the temple, collaborating with the Roman empire to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle of luxury and power in exchange of misery and privation to the people of Palestine.
After this incident, Scribs and Priest chiefs decided to remove Jesus out of their present reality, he was arrested without any resistance and judged for several crimes in which no witness would stand, and so the last charge which could be sentenced was his answer to the question ” Are you the Messiah ? ” to which he answered ” You said so “.

He was condemned for blasphemy and it was required to the Roman authority is sentence to death, only Rome could take the decision of a death sentence during their occupation of Palestine. The Roman authority through Ponce Pilate, ordered the execution of Jesus (willing or not to do so at a personal level ), Rome could not afford an uprising.
Knowing that crucifixion was used for crime of sedition against the Roman empire, the execution goes in the sense of the fear of insurrection.

Pastor Jim Lincoln
November 8, 2009 Jesus and Revolution – Mark 6:30-44

Consider John’s description of the crowd’s motive in 6:15, “They came out to Jesus in order to make Him king by force.” They came to force Jesus to be their new
revolutionary leader. They had enough of Herod and Rome and they wanted to run both out of town and they were not going to take “No” for an answer. Liberation and revolution were on their minds.

Now these men were right about Jesus – He is a king and He is a revolutionary, although not in the way anyone expected. Revolutionaries hand out weapons and begin boot camp and gorilla warfare training. Jesus gives out His word and bread.

Jesus is not interested in liberating the oppressed so that they can merely take the place of the rulers they now despise. First, they have to be taught by Jesus before they can ever lead in a good revolution.
There are hungers that political revolution cannot ever satisfy. Moreover, there is a significant danger by those who established political power without being taught by Jesus. Most are not ready for political power. I am not suggesting that Jesus is against political transformation. But when political change is not informed by the teachings of Jesus, it will never get its priorities right. Jesus’ kingdom is permanent, eternal, life giving and not just the replacement of one oppressor for another. Jesus is saying that if you know Me through My word, and through my deeds of healing people, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially then you are part of My revolution. That kind of revolution was unexpected.

Be careful of putting your hopes in anyone who wants political power but who has yet to be
taught well by Jesus, especially those who do not know about how Jesus uses authority or how He combines exclusive claims of authority with an inclusive love, or the value He put on all people regardless of race, gender, wealth and social status.

Jesus gave these men His word and then He gave them bread. Jesus demonstrated that His revolution was also about acts of love and mercy. He fed 5,000 hungry men and perhaps more. Yet, healing sick people, cleansing lepers, raising up children or feeding some slightly hungry people are not the kind of miracles revolutionaries desire.

When we think of miracles, we think of the suspension of the natural order.
However, Jesus’ miracles are the only pure natural things in a world that has become unnatural and wounded. God did not make the world the way it has become. God created a world with no hunger, disease, poverty, injustice, leprosy, blindness and death. Thus, these things are unnatural! Jesus’ miracles are not the suspensions of the natural order; instead, they are restorations of the natural order.

This is the Jesus revolution; this is His bread. Those who feast on Him, who taste and see the He is good, and learn from Him will follow His lead into His revolution. Someday, in the fullness of His kingdom He will satisfy every good hunger and more than you can possibly imagine.

Pastor Jim Lincoln – Jesus and Revolution


Most Christians might hate me for what I´m going to talk about here, so I will not take a personal point of view (All people that knows me are aware of my position on weeds – I love it for these which doesn´t know me) but an article of the Guardian as a source ( For what is worth).

” Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published in January 2003. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract.The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims.

There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion,” Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said.
Referring to the existence of cannabis in anointing oils used in ceremonies, he added: “Obviously the easy availability and long-established tradition of cannabis in early Judaism would inevitably have included it in the [Christian] mixtures.”
Mr Bennett suggests those anointed with the oils used by Jesus were “literally drenched in this potent mixture. Although most modern people choose to smoke or eat pot, when its active ingredients are transferred into an oil-based carrier, it can also be absorbed through the skin”

Source: The Guardian – Jesus healed using cannabis

The ancient recipe for this anointing oil, recorded in the Old Testament book of Exodus (30: 22-23) included over nine pounds of flowering cannabis tops, Hebrew “kaneh-bosm”, extracted into a hind (about 6.5 litres) of olive oil, along with a variety of other herbs and spices. The ancient chosen ones were literally drenched in this potent cannabis holy oil.

You can find here the Chris Bennet´s perspective on the subject, make your own point: Chris Bennet. A good source if you more curious or sceptical on this topic.


Truly I tell you they are souls standing here who will not taste death untill they see that the kingdom of God has come to power, in these days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give his light, the stars will be falling, the powers in heaven will be shaking, they will see the son of man, coming in great power and glory […] Truly I tell this generation will not pass away until it has happened ” – Jesus

Jesus returns is expected by the Christian churches for the final judgement, but Christian religion from my point of view understood since thousands year the power of the fear over masses control, they adapted Hell and Heaven, Angels and Demons meaning to serve their purposes, so the final judgement to me is also a mean of fear control, If the kingdom of God as to be expected, the final judgement ( my opinion ) refer to the social transition which will be ( or is ) taking place in our era.

Muslim eschatology discipline, which I personally find very interesting and pertinent through the lectures of Imran Hossein ( Islamic Scholar Imran Nazar Hossein
) announce the imminent return of Jesus, some student are talking about 20 years from now, others about much less time, I think the book ” Jerusalem in the Quran ” to be very instructive on this subject.

Jew´s prophecy announce the return of their king for the total recovery of Israel territory and are still waiting for their Messiah ( Jesus not being ever recognized as their Messiah due to the fact that Elijah shall have been present in the Jesus times to proclame his arrival, some texts affirm that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah, and so Jesus was the expected Messiah ). This prophecy led us to the geo-territorial war and illegitimate occupation of Palestine that is going on actually.

Will Jesus defeat Monsanto ? 🙂

My opinion, I might be wrong of course but I am not expecting the return of Jesus in his physical form, but I can observe in my context the social changes imposed by austerity and financial powers, we are reproducing the same context, the poor are poorer and the rich gets richer to an unacceptable level, nations have more houses than citizens and yet millions of families are homeless, we produce food to feed 12 billions mouths and yet billions are starving, we pretend to be civilized and evolved, and yet billions spend their life experience in inhuman emotional and physical conditions, we are producing the context for such a Soul to enter into the game.

But as I can observe, social movement in streets prone the no-violent resistance (Coordinadora25S – No violent Civil disobedience – Spanish), 2000 years after the innovator, the message reached the masses, and for once it is not only into the words, but it take place into our automate reality, a very few minority of protesters uses violent means and if we remove the infiltrated cops, it becomes a few minority into a few minority.
I see here the return of Jesus values and actions, not only in one man but in millions, people over the world rise up against illegitimate oppression in a pacific and no violent way, using flowers against rifles, using love against fear.

We are the Souls standing here as mentioned in the gospel and proud to be with you millions people of the streets, because we all fight for what Jesus did, in different description but a world of dignity which removes misery and oppression against the weak, is the same direction.
” Truly I tell you they are souls standing here who will not taste death untill they see that the kingdom of God has come to power, […] Truly I tell this generation will not pass away until it has happened ” – Jesus

Of course they still are people who prone violence as a way of defending themselves against a violent oppressor, stating the no violence resistance is a social concept imposed by our leaders, you can realize that pacific resistance is way older than a new social concept, is has been the most repressed form of resistance in our civilisation, and today in any European town I go, I can see a church to remember me the power of Love against the oppression, so here´s my invitation, judge not, but educate people, make them realize the difference between Love and Fear, make them think about the wings they have when in love and the union that is creates between different person, make them remember how much fear can paralyse and the separation that it creates between two of us.

A flower handled to anti riots cops during the 25S in Madrid – Spain

To me, those protesters in the streets are more Christian than the Pope himself who allows the Vatican to be owner of rifles factories, in their actions, from my perception of reality. What defines one is his actions, and going to a church is not what makes a good Christian, allowing a few to submit our futures generation to austerity by lack of will to resist, or because the church says it is the right thing to do, to support a government in place doesn´t make one a good Christian neither. What makes a good Christian (By Christian I mean a follower of Jesus teachings, not a follower a church) is the action we take in our daily life, are we acting within the principles of the Kingdom of God or are we acting without sincerity in the personal concern of our routine ?

Jesus teachings was a lifestyle inside certain guidelines defined by the unconditional love and forgiveness, the eternal wisdom and the deep insight of a spiritual life, he offered us the most simple path to enlightenment, yet we did not understood his message, may be because it sound to easy to be truth, or may be by a lack of faith in God ( Or the universe, for me ) but I truly can tell you one thing from my life experience, what you give away with the heart, will never miss you.

I will extend this subject on a further post about Christmas  the celebration of Jesus birth in which we celebrate the materialism as a way of expressing love.

Jesus, if your Soul decide to send you back on earth to give us a hand on the current worldwide uprising, then please let us know ( I swear to my life we wont let them crucify you another time) , that would be a great honour to share a demonstration on your side, ( and a joint 😛 )
Otherwise, don´t you worry my dear and lovely Soul brother, we will make it in any case, we have no choice, we can not let them keep going on, we have allowed too much already.

PS: Wine and Bread are outdated in our times, you will have to try with cheeseburgers and coke …

Ejemplaridad revolucionaria y transparencia economica

Yesterday I was reading the blog of the ” Plataforma en Pie ” to keep myself updated of different ideologies and movement of the 25S.

I came upon the ” Caja de resistencia ” ( Spanish term to design the piggy bank of resistance ) topic page and was really pleased to read that they were for the transparency of their finances. Until I found out they were nothing more than a reference to transparency, but actually no information at all about the finances, donations or even expenses.

The text above can be translated as ” In order to insure transparency in the use of the ” Caja de resistencia ” and to show our respect and thankfulness to everyone who will donate, we will publish in this blog all the (financial) movements occurred in the bank account, once a week and providing a explanation of each transactions.

That entry was dated on day first of October 2012. Yet, on day 12 of November 2012 the only traces of this ” caja de resistencia ” was the comments made by donators, no other reference on the whole blog could be found.

I then decide to let a comment, sharing my worries about the transparency mentioned above. Today on day 13th of November, the problem has been “solved” but with slight changes in the design and in the definition of transparency…

The text mentioned above can be translated in ” We will not provide de details of received transactions, for confidentially of donators and because we do not believe these data to be of interest for those who wish to know what we are doing with their donations. In this page you will find every week the update balance of the bank account, and the page ” Gastos ” (Fees) our costs and how the funds have been spent ”

Sounds like politician speech and action way, “I say something and I do what I feel like “, literately it sounds to me like PP for Spain or UMP for France, we are quiet far from the transparency from my point of view, and from the weekly transaction report on bank account.
I do understand that to protect the donator´s confidentiality name shall not be reavelled and I agree with this obvious fact, but this is not what is asked here.
Now let´s have a look “fees” page

This is the fees page at it was a couples of hours earlier, I can see that the box starts with an amount of 2013,50 euros on day 1, day 1 also correspond to the blog entry of the original ” Caja de resistencia ” page, which means the 2013,50€ does not include the donations made after the first of October 2012.

Week 2 demonstrate that only fees has been taken out until the day 22 of October, no incomes has been made as we can clearly see above, from 2013,50€ to the 1636,50€ only deduction are made.
However, when reading the post on the previously available page, we can see donation confirmation on several and distinct days.
Donation made on 1st of October 2012

Donation made on 8th of October 2012

Donation made on 3rd of October

But there are no references to the several transactions mentioned they decided not to reveal them, ok, but it should be reflected in the balance of the ” Caja de resistancia ” it does not take over 20 days for a bank wire transfer in spain, it takes 3 to 5 days when account receiver and holder are from different bank entities.
The last actual balance available reflects: Saldo a día 08/10/12: 1.823,50€

Then they are no available proofs of the costs, a simple and basic concept is shown, no available receipt, no traces of expenses, no bank statement is provided, ” Trust my words ” is the core concept of this kind of transparency.

The accounting is incoherent and virtually unavailable, there is lot of question in my opinion that stays unanswered.

This simply is my opinion and no offence intended I respect all that you represent and the work you have done, but you are pretending to reject this government, do not act like him, teach by exemplarity, do not fight with the same strategies, you will find yourself thinking like them if you keep acting like them, referring here to the Spanish government.
I truly hope this critic to be constructive, it´s not intended to damage and I´am no one to teach or give lessons, I merely offer my perspective to share a point of view, sometimes we need to shift our sight a few degrees to see the mountain.

For a “Caja de resistencia” there are a few points I´d consider, just for moral sense and ethical values, just to demonstrate the way such a group like yours shall fight, by being a living example of the message given into history.

– Weekly screenshot of bank account transactions inputs/outputs ( Donator´s name can easily be covered or paint over with any editing tool )
– Detailed and provable tables of fees and costs (Each expense shall be public, traceable and accountable)
– Public accountability in a sense in which any citizen could know on a weekly basis have total visibility on finances. That would be what I call transparency.

I believe in a transparent economy, I´am a dreamer that´s a fact, but I can easily imagine a society in which the money is not a taboo, in which I would see in the supermarket the price of production, price bought by the shop and price sold, in which I could have access to all the salaries of the workers of my workplace (If I would have one of course), to be able to see the same points mentioned above on corporates and government.
German are about to suppress the cash of their economy, that is planned so far for  June 2013, which means only electronic transactions, the government will finally have the last piece of the identity they gives us, our finances.
Every transaction you will make in Germany will be electronic, the system is adapted, you will be able to pay your bread with it.
That system was tried in France near than 10 years ago, fortunately people did not really get into it, it has been a failure, but that is the future we can expect.

But there is another advantage for the governments it severally damages black economy and make a lot of black money to surface into the system, no more cash means a lot more than a ” Tech advance ” as it is sold by the economical power.

The same applied to our leaders now ( Which they will of course not impose themselves ) removes financial corruption, not the materialistic one, yet that´s a step, but the main point is that it will reveal who owns what, and that would trigger worldwide revolution all over the world, the people will be able to put faces on the famous 1%, to see the biggest pictures, ” Familly X owns corporate A which owns corporate C which owns D which owns 90% of the market of Z ”
People would be able to visualize the financial rape that has been going on since a few centuries and understand that economic crises are human made and not the consequences of a unsustainable system.

That would end the political, economical, social and religious life as we know it today.

Yes I am dreamer, but hey, you never know as I´am living my dream …