Equipamiento- Food


Meanwhile I learn and be confident with survival skills, I will be carrying some food:

3 ration of dehydrated pasta, 2kg of rice and some baking powder to make some bread when crossing wheat field.


Equipamiento – Camp hardware

These are the hardware to make camp and feel like home everywhere :p

Pot, bache, rain cover, compass, water purification set, knife, grinder, mirror, hamoc, mosquito net, termo cover, sleeping bag, platypus bottles, hair bross, nails cutter, pipe, gourd, cissor.

First Aid Kit


There the items which compose my medical kit, placed in a waterproof bag.

Contains: Aloe vera gel, my passport,antiseptic cream, cleansing wipe,microporous tape, ganja cream, nai cutter, emergency burncare, various wound dressing and adhesive strips, tabacco roling paper and some weed, thermometer, vinyl gloves, resucitation aid, emergency cover, cissors, ibuprofene, imodium, antibiotics,

But the best hardware is no use without skills, so i’m reading on, starving of knowledge on this field,

Le son

Je ne pouvais pas partir sans remplir ma carte SD de quelques gigas de musique 🙂

– Wu Tang
– Ethiopiques (Jazz ethiopien)
– Des gigas de musique classique ( Tchaikovsky, bizet … )
– Wapalek
– Edith Piaf
– Georges Brassens
– Ella Fitzgerald
– Fabe
– Pink Martini
– Makka Dubba
– Louis Armstrong
– Diana Ross
– Tupac
– Bassnectar
– Ali Akbar Khan
– Anoushka Shakar
– Barun Kumar pal
– Ravi Shankar
– Indian classical and Fusion
– Kool and the gang
– Beatles
– Dirtyphonics
– Gaiden
– Specta
– Flux pavillon
– Cypress hill
– Lindsey Sterling
– Fugees
– Various Rai music
– Soldier of Jah Army
– Brassens
– Bob Marley
– Odiwan Freenobi
– Datsik
– Sukh Knight
– Immortal technique
– Klub des loosers

Avec quelques kilos de Rap et de Dubstep en plus. Op !



I´ll bring with me over two thousand of ebooks, more than I could possibly read in the next 25 years, but eh, at least I think I got some choice !
Covering a range of topic going from basic survival to animal comunication, medicine, plant, studies of religion, novels, etc… You got the picture.

They’re all based on getting the understanding of different point of view, culture and religion,  learning the light from all different sources that it came from, learning how to survive in mother nature, keeping the body in an optimal condition, keeping the mind busy learning new abilities and finally keeping, supporting and empowering this strong relationship with my soul to make this travel easier and full of beautiful experiences.
I do also want to learn basic medicinal skills, the occidental and oriental way.

There are 3 books in which I give much importance:
– Where there is no dentist
– Where there is no doctor
– Red Cross medical guide 1937


Keep in touch !

Afin de pouvoir maintenir un contact avec le monde qui m´entoure, j´emmène avec moi 2 appareils, un Galaxy S2 et une tablette Galaxy Tab2.

Aucun des deux ne sera équipé de carte SIM. Backtrack sur tablette me donne le pouvoir de me connecter au réseau Wi-Fi assez confortablement. connexion Easy.

Quant à la mise à jour du blog, comme ça viendra, je n’ai sincèrement aucune idée de la fréquence des mises à jour de celui après mon départ de Madrid.

L´avantage du smartphone: sa capacité à faire des photos, vidéo, microphone, ses fonctions GPS, Radio FM, accès à couchsurfing par WIFI, lampe de poche, détecteur de métal, MP3, etc... Celui de la tablette, distribution Linux, lecteur d’ebook, de musique, de vidéo, flash light et GPS de backup.

Hi-Tech Schlag, Motherfucker !