Quote – Revolutionary

If I go straight, follow me
If I die, celebrate and wait for me
If I go backward, kill me



Near death meditation

Tonight I had one of the most powerful spiritual experience ever, I experienced leaving the body, but I did not reach full separation.

This afternoon I’ll nap and try again, this night again as the method I am using takes advantage of sleep state of the mind.

It was easier than I could ever expect, it was incredible, to give you a glimpse of what I felt, imagine your changing in super sayen, EVERYTHING seems to be vibrating around you like you are in an earth quake, this with a huge sound of a plane taking off.

At this point I knew I was about to leave the body, conscientely, but I didn’t know how to fully experience separation, I tried hard to move out but I was so focused on the noise and vibration, it felt like I was a Sukhoi-37 flying speed mac2 through the air.

Can’t stop to think about it… can’t wait to actually go back to that state of perception of reality, can’t wait to reach any place in this universe with the speed of thought, can’t wait to learn this amazing skill, it has been over a year I am practicing this skill with only a few mere sensation.
Tonight it was my first experience of actually experiencing being my soul, not my body neither my mind.

After fighting the reach out the body, I don’t know why I opened my eyes, mechanically and found my mind locked in a sleeping body, I wanted no record a video on the precise moment, I could not move, I could not make any sound from my mouth, I was an awake mind in a near dead body.

I repeated the experience a second time during the night with the very exact same result but I perceived it to be way shorter in matter of time.

In a future post I will leave the materials I used for this experience, a book that I started last night before going to bed. Near death meditation.

Welcome in my reality

I then have left France to go to Madrid, using daddy’s car.
The 1500KM I had to drive converted themselves in one of the most spicy experience of my life, a friend of mine is even going to write a novel about this 3 days trip, that gives you an idea of how spicy and irreal it was !

20130410_144953Funny things is, without the Police forces, I would have spend one of the most horrible times of my recent life ! I have been surrounded by guardian angels which most of them, were wearing Police uniform !!!!

I will get on this road trip later on, I need first to realize all the teachings embedded into this 3 days experience. I only have one regret, since I have being offered to make the documentary I am saying to myself I need to be recording 24/7 or at least to have a camera ready to record, for this 3 days, it would have been a small movie made out of it… Truly …

Meanwhile, I let you enjoy some music 😛
Take care !
Love !

Zaz – Je veux ( Spanish subs)

Zaz – Je veux ( English subs)

Busy times in France

I still have to write about a few topics, that’s on my to-do list … I’m spending some time with my familly here, started the tatoo I was planning too, taking care of my Dad’s car that I am going to use from now on, in contact with the people’s who wants a true revolution in Spain to start, hardly trying to (re)cover the scars left by my last interaction with my baby’s mum and preparing a seminary in which I’ve been invited as an intervenant with a team of Spanish activist it will be in Paris and Strasbourg from the Apr 16th to 21th, I also have been empowered and given the idea to make a documentary to educate people on what is going on in their streets, who is behind the scene of massive concentration and how do they lives it, a good idea, I am thinking about it …

So again, I have set the blog aside and did not connect that much,  sorry again about that, love you all

Fi(r)st Fasting of the year – rescheduled

It has been a long time I didn’t update the blog, sorry about that… I’ve seen a incredible amount of google search leading to my blog with the keywords “Fasting” and “Spiritual Fasting” I now feel in debt to all these people searching answer to their question in a similar way for not having updated the blog since day 5.

I broke my fast on day 10, not because I felt something was wrong, not by hunger, I did a choice which lead me to a dinner, I have no regrets, on the contrary, I am glad I did that choice.

Elena, my baby’s mum, was in Barcelona in holidays for a few days, the universe being kind and lovely also led my track to Barcelona in the very same period. We met in Barcelona, we felt in Love in Barcelona, we had our baby in Barcelona, I will always carry Barcelona in my heart, it is the city where my Soul woke me up, the city where I met not only the woman I love but the brothers and sister that I love, with all my Soul.
Within them too much are gone but this period shown my conditional Love the (long) way to be unconditional, this period changed the grief of Death into the celebration of reincarnation, this period introduced a sheep of capitalism to the universe and it’s eternal wisdom showing the sheep the way to become the wise revolutionary I wish to be one day, this period made me a dad, this period linked me for lifetime to the woman I love.

We, Elena and I, used to love to go to a restaurant, it was our kinda special one, a really nice Japanese (in my top3 restaurant ever :P), knowing she was in town, I invited her to go to that place, hoping she would accept, since I left Italy in November we merely had no contact, but I missed her so much, I wanted so badly to see her, just the pleasure to talk to her, to tell her how sorry I was, I had a lot say. She accepted. Fuck the fast, fuck the spirituality and the universe, I’ll start over. Don’t be shocked with the “fuck the universe” my God has no ego, he knows humour and how much I love her/it/him :).
The universe told me once that loving unconditionally you can’t be offended, make sense to me.

We went to the restaurant, we talked, laughed, smiled, it was a very intense evening to me, emotionally speaking.
Sometimes you don’t find the accurate or precise words to share and experience, you feel like you need to create new words, this evening was of this kind of experience. I told her that she was the one I love she told me to move on, but I explained her that moving on does’nt have any sense for me, I don’t want to, my love for her and our daughter is the main source of energy, and God knows how much energy I am consuming every minutes since august… I told her she can live her life, but I’ll always be there standing by for her, as the father of my baby,as a friend or as a husband if someday she felt like I deserve to be at her side again, with her trust and love.
At the same time giving her a small paperbox with a 3euros “chinese-plastic-bling-bling-ring” inside, this is how homeless asks a lady’s hands, but I know this woman is way over that even if some may again be shocked, and this one of the thousand reasons of why I love her.   

The same night I moved to Madrid by bus, the day after I moved to France for 2 weeks. So I broke my fast, I’ll start over, when ? After my baby’s birthday in march. I already missed her first birthday, no way I miss the second one.
Sorry again for being without posting that long, I had internet access but a lot to think about…

Source of Love

I am the proud dad of a wonderful baby, she is one year and half and she really is, my most evolved cell, she is all my world and people often sees egoism in giving up the next few years of my life at her side,

I had to make this point several time to explain my perception of this travel within the duality of loving my baby.

Knowing that she is happy and safe is all that matters for me, she actually is, living with her mum and in a certain proximity of direct familly.

If I have one lesson to teach her it would be, be who you want to be and experience it 100%, it is no concern to you what people perceive in your experience, but what you can bring them through your own experience. It’s to me the path of happiness, and I will tell her that surely if tomorrow I could trade all the people of the world materialism against happiness for lifetime, I would own that planet.

But yet, people runs after money with any kind of excuses,  so they make a sacrifice on time in order to earn money to buy food and goods in order to demonstrate love to their loving ones.  Insane complicated shit !
When the only thing they need is to experience love and not a physical demonstration of a conceptual love, there is no feeling within an object, but our hearts are full of feelings to share and offer.

When I Look at these kids being upset because they did not have their wanted christmas gift but another one, that makes me sad, I am thinking, what are we doing with our next generation ? Aren’t we fucking them up raising them with such value/love system ?
We are teaching our childs that love is conditional and the biggest is the love, the more expansive must be the gift, or the more fashion or rare or anything that empower it’s materialistic value. what the fuck did happen to us ?! When did it go wrong ?! When did everything fucked up ?!

We have reduced and scaled the divine feeling to a good we can buy. Is it truly what we wanted for our us ? Is that love ? If the answer is Yes, then I believe that must be the most egoist form of love.
Seriously we have made a monetary system that can crash in a minute and a love that is conditioned by a certain amount of money. Is there yet anyone that remembers that old concept of unconditional love ?

I wanna thanks the mum of my baby, she doesn’t agree (Like most of the people who surround me) with this change, but she still supports me,
I must say I am very proud to have her as the mum of our baby, she is much more evolve than I am on certain point and she has been the creator of a quantum leap in my evolution, so Thanks to you , I can go on my path without a worry for our baby, you are an amazingly beautiful soul. I both love you from the bottom of my heart and my Soul, you both led me to the understanding that one doesn’t need the physical presence of a being to express and experience love, which makes it by design, unconditional.



Part1: Madrid


La premiĂšre Ă©tape de mon voyage sera donc Madrid, la prise du congrĂšs le 25 septembre sonne donc comme l’examen final aprĂšs ces 6 derniers mois de prĂ©paration, vĂ©cut comme un entraĂźnement, une prĂ©paration mentale et spirituelle pour ce nouveau chemin.

J’ai donc dĂ©cidĂ©, il y a cela 6 mois, de prendre un tournant dans ma vie, de suivre la mĂȘme direction avec constance, je veux dĂ©sormais diriger ma vie dans une certaine direction, celle de mes valeurs, de mes convictions, de mes croyances spirituelles telles que la rĂ©alisation et la dĂ©finition de soi Ă  travers l’expĂ©rience, je souhaite vivre dans un contexte qui m’ autorise Ă  ĂȘtre et Ă  devenir la personne que je souhaite, malheureusement cette direction est difficilement compatible avec une sociĂ©tĂ© qui me dit ce que je dois ĂȘtre, ce que je dois faire, comment, ou, avec qui, devant quoi m’indigner, devant quoi me taire , quelles sont les bonnes actions ou les mauvaises, etc….

Une fois conscient que l’on vit dans une sociĂ©tĂ© qui laisse mourir les siens de faim, emprisonnent les dissidents, asservit les plus modestes et endoctrine ses enfants dans une culture de l’ idole qui elle-mĂȘme se dĂ©finit par le culte du matĂ©rialisme, cette sociĂ©tĂ©-là n’a plus grand-chose Ă  m’apprendre, je pense en avoir fait un tour rapide, elle devient mĂȘme un frein Ă  mon dĂ©veloppement personnel, elle me fait stagner sur certains niveaux.
Ce nouveau chemin est simplement la maniĂšre pour moi de mettre en harmonie mes pensĂ©es sur une perception diffĂ©rente de la vie, une maniĂšre de partager et mettre en application les mots qui ne sont que la mise en forme de mes pensĂ©es, pour enfin mettre ces mots en action, crĂ©er ma rĂ©alitĂ© depuis une pensĂ©e jusqu’Ă  une suite d’ action, donc, ce choix n’est simplement qu’un pas de plus dans cette direction, Ă  force de pointer vers une mĂȘme direction, le changement de contexte Ă©tait devenu inĂ©vitable, un changement de contexte qui aura commencĂ©, il y a plus ou moins 5 ans, un Ă©veil qui donne une nouvelle perception des choses, un Ă©veil qui m’a permis de retrouver une certaine objectivitĂ© quant Ă  mes actions et mon Ă©volution en tant qu’ individualitĂ© Ă©voluant dans un contexte global.

Depuis quelques mois j’ ai dĂ©cidĂ© que plutĂŽt que de subir, j’irai dĂ©sormais provoquer les expĂ©riences pour  confirmer ou infirmer un concept ,une pensĂ©e, une idĂ©e, trouver un repĂšre, une rĂ©ponse a une question,  en dĂ©clenchant l’expĂ©rience de celle-ci et s’y jeter tĂȘte la premiĂšre, l’ autoroute vers la dĂ©finition de soi-mĂȘme.

Je souhaite me dĂ©finir par l’amour et l’union, eux sĂ©parent les gens, alors je veux crĂ©er les expĂ©riences qui amĂšnent a l’union, ils combattent l’espoir avec des plans d’austĂ©ritĂ©, je redonnerai le sourire dans l’abondance de la joie, ils dĂ©truisent les bonnes actions avec leurs lois, je rĂȘve de dĂ©truire leurs lois avec l’exemplaritĂ© de mes actions.

Alors, je m’empare des droits de l’homme de 1793 comme d’un message divin et m’en vais l’imposer dans une prochaine constitution… PremiĂšre Ă©tape, Madrid.




Dernier Lundi, premier post


Dernier lundi, 5 jours avant de terminer mon contrat de travail et celui de mon appartement,

Le dernier joint du lundi matin pour commencer une derniĂšre semaine de dur labeur, enfin de “ Dur labeur “, je fais parti des esclaves de luxe, ceux qui ont le privilĂšge de pouvoir passer 8 heures a regarder par la fenĂȘtre, malheureusement je travaille dans un sous sol, la seule fenĂȘtre que j’ai, donne sur youtube.

C’est le privilĂšge de l’ esclave de la classe moyenne, il est Ă©pargnĂ© des taches physiques et bien souvent il peut rediriger le flow de travail sur une personne de rang infĂ©rieur, un de mes potes m’as dit que c’est a cause de gens comme lui et moi que le monde est en crise. Le systĂšme pyramidale de notre sociĂ©tĂ©, de la structure sociale a la charge de travail.

Donc ma derniĂšre semaine liĂ© par les chaĂźnes du salariat, je donne 8 heures de ma journĂ©e, on me donne une monnaie d’Ă©change dont je ne dĂ©fini pas la valeur, aujourd’hui avec mes 8 heures de travail je peux m’ acheter de quoi manger pendant une 3 jours.
L’ annĂ©e dernier avec 8 heures de travail je pouvais me nourrir une semaine entiĂšre, il parait qu’ avec le prochain krach boursier, demain mes 8 heures de travail ne me serviront qu’ a faire un seul repas.

Il y a dĂ©finitivement quelque chose qui ne va pas, plus le temps passe, plus la chaĂźne se raccourcit, plus elles sont serrĂ©es Ă  mes poignets, plus le poids devient lourd Ă  traĂźner, tout autour de moi, je vois mes frĂšres Ă  qui l’on enlĂšve le privilĂšge d’ĂȘtre esclave, l’esclave sans maĂźtre ne mange plus, il ne vit plus, alors mes frĂšres vont se suicider, se pendre ou encore s’ immoler devant leurs parlements, congres et assemblĂ©es de leur pays. L’esclave est devenu dĂ©pendant du maĂźtre, car le maĂźtre contrĂŽle la monnaie d’Ă©change qui permet Ă  l’esclave de survivre ( De se nourrir une partie suffisante du mois pour ne pas mourir ).

L’esclave pour oublier cette triste rĂ©alitĂ© dans laquelle il ne voit aucune issue rassurante, hormis la rĂ©ussite sociale, dans un monde ou tout l’ effraye, va Ă  son tour inculquer Ă  ces enfants la culture du salariat et de la rĂ©compense, du profit et du mĂ©rite, de l’acquisition et de la possession, ont nous a dits que le rĂȘve Ă©tait une bonne situatio, une grande maison, et 3 marmots.
Non, ont nous as menti, le rĂȘve, c’est ce qui nous brĂ»le le coeur, c’est ce dĂ©sir qui alimente le dĂ©sir de l’Ăąme de retourner dans le corps d’ un individu chaque matin au rĂ©veil, malheureusement, on a conditionnĂ© l’esclave pour qu’il ait peur de son rĂȘve.

On lui a vendu le monde de la peur, le monde de la sĂ©paration, on a mis un label Ă  chaque couleur, culture, religion, groupe, en les mĂ©langeant Ă  bon vouloir,avec une alchimie parfaite dont l’Ă©lĂ©ment clĂ© repose sur une diffĂ©rence de foi, la composante religion reste une valeur sĂ»re et totalement indĂ©modable. les associations entre religion et terrorisme, religion et pouvoir, religion et finances sont des cocktails explosifs qui maintiennent la sĂ©paration suprĂȘme entre les ĂȘtres humains.

La propagande tĂ©lĂ©visuelle, la magie de l’ illusion, prenez le premier guignol qui passe, mettez le sur toutes les chaĂźnes, faites, lui rĂ©pĂšte le mĂȘme message et vous hypnotiserez la masse, rien de magique, Du BHL, un commercial de la peur, le reprĂ©sentant français de la rĂ©volution (chez les voisins antisionistes), l’ homme dont les gardes du corps tirent des balles Ă  blanc, celui qui enseigne la morale avec passion (mais sans fruit), l’homme qui fait la guerre sans l’ aimer, l’ avocat de son amie Dominique (qui viole des femmes sans les aimĂ©es), enfin, bref  pas d’ biographie ici, ni le courage ni l’envie, mais une chose est certaine, ce genre d’exemplaritĂ© politique et philosophique Ă  la tĂ©lĂ©vision, me font douter de la fiabilitĂ© de cet outil.

la propagande diffusĂ©e oĂč l’on voit de faux humanistes en manque de reconnaissance et de faux philosophes vendant leur honneur pour financer la construction d’ un ego surdimensionnĂ©. On supporte toute cette propagande avec quelques images bien choisies dans les 20 heures, placĂ©es hors contexte, ou mĂȘme parfois recyclĂ©es, pour cacher la mascarade, nous avons crĂ©Ă© un contexte dans lequel les consĂ©quences de nos actions et les observations peuvent ĂȘtre dissimulĂ©es derriĂšre les mots et les images, alors ont continue de voter pour des discours, ont choisi nos leaders comme on choisirait une Miss France.

Il est temps de foutre un coup de pied dans la fourmiliĂšre.
Aujourd’hui c’est lundi 27, plus que 5 jours pour ĂȘtre en marge de ce contexte,c’est l’ heure d’ un cafĂ©, j’ attrape mon grinder et sort pour un bol d’air.

“ Ont nĂ©s, ont vis, ont meurt, ont se dĂ©foncent entre temps “ Gaiden.