February2014 – Nantes 22F ZAD Demonstration

Intense ! Urban Guerilla for several hours !

I used this opportunity to record long hours of videos, tre point is that I missed a lot the personal involvements of the various actions.

But that’s a wonderful lesson of (pacific, more or less) resistance and organisation.
I say pacific because we are talking to a light injuried in the Police forces and 13 demonstrators injuried due to Gum bullets  (all headshots) – 2 eyes lost.
So yes I call this a pacifist demonstration.

Resistance does not mean violence, both concept can be linked or un-linked following the used strategy. I always tend to un-link the concept, I am the guy you will always find on the front lines, but the one you ll never catch with a weapon of any sort.

Here a nice Resume of Rennes TV – Jump to 8’30 to skip speaches (French):