January 2014 – Frankfurt

Since a September 2013, I was in contact with the German collective Blockupy , So I went to Germany for the International 2 days Encounter of Blockupy, hosted in Frankfurt.


I slept in a Couchsurfer house, out of Frankfurt, in the house of Alexei and his son for the two first night, I still love couchsurfing and the great people you meet. Thank you Alexei, very much 🙂

I then assist to the First day, the international encounters, where were present people representating Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey … During this encounter we decided and shared the next actions in our respective collectives, defined the actions and demonstration to be taken for the year 2014, created the working groups to organize the actions etc…

A great day of European coordination at social movement level, thanks to Blockupy for organizing this event.


After the meeting I have been invited to a social center in an old political deportation centre of Frankfurt. The National Assembly of the Intervensionist Left was hosted in preparation of the next day encounter of the National Blockupy meeting. Image

The National Blockupy meeting in which around 400 collectives were representated. Several translators where available in various linguages. Very interesting week end, full of great encounters 🙂Image

A little photo from the roof the European Central Bank skyscraper, before heading to Notre Dame Des Landes, the ZAD, where I am supposed to meet the organisators of the 22 February demonstration in Nantes and invite them to participate to the March of Dignity in Spain.




Still here !

Again it has been a long time without posting in the blog, but yes, I am still here 🙂

Since my last post, a lot happened, meeting in Frankfurt, Demonstration in France, Failed revolution in Spain with the 22M march of dignity…

I will take some time and write later posts about it, to update a bit the blog, since end of January I’ve been on the road and had very little time to work on the documentary, but I am not reaching 3T of video files and my maximum capacity being 3,5T I will have to start to edit the first episodes before I run out of space.

Meanwhile enjoy the tune !