Getting ready (What a freak!)

To insure that I am not making all this work and getting censored by big brother I made some changes to the blog and took some counter-measures, always staying in costless services.

New blog direction is: it allows me to redirect the blog keeping the same adress in case I would have my wordpress account closed. I have 3 backups ready to take over, 2 located in Europe and another in Asia.
If the blog goes down I will only loose the contents, but we will still be in touch.

I have made 22 backup channels, if my youtube account got smoked you will find on the blog a new channel straight away. This measure will make the documentary persistent.
Backup channels are located in China, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Europe, Iran, Indonesia etc… I am quiet sure it will be a complicated job for any occidental government to require an account to get closed in Iran and if so, they’re will be another 21 backup channels operationals.

I have set up a cloud for all the episode to be downloaded directly with direct link in 720p resolution. I am currently working on a torrent file too in order to have the documentary self hosted across the globe and finally I am planning in putting somewhere a physical virtual machine server to provide the blog and torrent file hosting, which could virtually be ceased anytime, it will be a matter of hours to have everything back online with the virtual machine image.

Backup email adresses of are:  (hosted on a Russian provider) (hosted on a Turkish provider)
If the GMAIL account get owned, then here are the two backup.

I have abandoned Skype, I will now be available on QQ which is hosted by a Chinese company, my QQ number is: 2744173681

I also have started to edit the first episode !
Love !