It has been a long time … Part 4

Thanks I still have left the faculty to (sometimes) ask myself the right question, or to have experience to do so for me when I am totally lost.
Today Nelson Mandela died and in some way, the way people perceive him, his path, his message, it gave me faith back in what I could do, that I still could do something, I had a living example who crossed my generation, a master to teach me not to resigned, to tell me not to call myself discouraged, because it was no longer my name.

He is dead and someone must arise to carry what he represent to the living and futures generations, the faith in humanity, the living experience that you and me can do what he did if we decide to do so.
If we lost this experience, we will lost the knowledge that goes with it, the knowledge that one can dedicate his life to stand against the oppressor and be joint by millions, even billions, over the world.
We can not let this knowledge become a urban legend with time, in the context of Capitalism there are millions of opportunities to define ourselves as someone who stand against the one who abuse the weakest..

During our coffee chat, when asking my gran mum what she was thinking about expropriating empty edifices and houses of Banks and full them with homeless people to end having people dying in the streets,
Or making a law to forbid the waste of food from supermarket, to illegalize food dumping ( Which consist in burning stock of food to regulate market prices) in order to provide food freely for the people who needs it,
To nationalize back the energies supplier ( Water, Power company, Petrol) the publics services lost and transport companies, to provide the citizens the service with cost of exploitation in order to alliviate people’s bills to more or less EURO150 / MONTHS ( Water, gasoil, Electricity, transportation) and others similar processes to concretly and efficiently initiate a change in our society by giving houses to the homeless and making our poor fest,
How to change the world with 3 easy law … And make a difference in people life from a day to another …

Surplus tomatoes are dumped on farmland in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Photograph: Sally A. Morgan/Ecoscene/Corbis

She answeres me “That’s sound simple and great. But we will never see a politician who will offer these options “, on the same way they use to say “they wont be a new Mandela soon”, on the TV news.

But today I’ve realised, I want to be that one that no one expect, I want to carry this image of faith in humanity, I have lost too much time hating myself, such a focus on the self, I have no time anymore to loose on egoism, I had almost surrendered, I saw myself condamned to live in a world that makes me cry every time I think about it, because my heart is not yet big enough to take it …
It needs a break to recover from all these emotions created by our context, it still needs to be purified from time to time, putting me in period of darkness to send all those emotions out of my body through the tears.

Nelson Mandela died today, but he made me a great gift before leaving, I shall not waste it.
He remembered me that one still can make a difference, any one can do it, only a matter of choice, sadly today thousand of Mandela’s shall arise to health this sick world.