It has been a long time … Part 2

My Gran mum and people on TV agrees on one point, we wont see another Mandela in our present times. In a political system that regulates it’s own cast, in which you can not access highest spheres without compromising your moral or ethical integrity (Not even talking about spiritual dignity), in our democracies so similar to the very first Athenian concept, the freedom for slave owners,
The death of Nelson Mandela is the end of the light his presence between us provided to our collective consciousness.

Not only he died, but a part of our faith in humanity has left us with him. We all claim him as a model, but who act like he did, he spent nearly 25% of his life forced to hard physical work as a retribution for his beliefs, 25% of his life in a cell as a consequence for his fight, I feel so ashamed of myself today…

Because if I didn’t write in this blog since so long, it’s because I nearly surrendered, I felt powerless, discouraged, I felt dying, day after day since the month of July I have been again lying to myself and when I am doing that, not as a punishement but as a natural consequence of it, I am loosing faith in what I am doing, thinking, fighting and standing for, in myself, in life, in men and in God.

It started when I left my camp in the montain to join my brothers in a road trip through Europe. Looking at the social context in Spain, quiet calm due to the summer context, having settled up a few things on my project I decided I could take some time off and went for those wonderfull holidays.
When coming back, I went to spend time with my baby in Italy, I went to see her and took the opportunity to set up a part of my project in Italy where I met several people of social movments in Firenze. I there had a great time and met wonderfull people, it was like it happened in Paris, meeting new people and spending a few days to get to know them, such a wonderfull experience. After those few days I went back to see my baby again, and decided to move back to Madrid.

On my way to Madrid, I stop by Barcelona and spend a day as the buses are full to go to Madrid. Qwen tine, one of my Barcelona’s brothers and Durdoss a friend of friends that I am having a lot of fun with are planning to go to the Garance festival in France.

They are going there 4 people and offer me to go with them. The buses being full for the day after too, I m taking to opportunity to go with them , just for the ride to France, the festival is 45min away from my mum’s place and it has been a long time I did not see her.


So here I am, in the car with them, a friend of Qwen tine, Manu is meeting us there, we are in the car with two girls that I do not know, Olivia a nice and funny french girl and a nice Spanish girl ( That I shamefully can’t remember the name right now ),
We on the road with all the experience that goes with such has sleeping on the beach the first night, getting the car emptied of (almost) all the weed and hash by the cops on a checkpoint before we even cross the French border etc … Things will turn in a way in which I will have a free pass to get into the festival ( A staff teeshirt ) and will spend 3 days and 3 night meeting and getting to know new people, such an amazing and addictive experience… When saying good bye to each other, we deal with Qwen Tine and Manu that we will see each other in France for the grappe harvest in October.

The summer goes fast, I am staying a few weeks in France at my Brothers, a few days with my Mum, then going to see my Daughter again, I’m seeing her a lot recentely, I love it, I love it …
Then finally back to madrid.