28S – Checkmate (#JaquealRey)

El 28 de septiembre damos un #JaquealRey.


I (personally) do not consider ending the Monarchy as a revolution, don’t get fooled with this action but this is our collective choice, so I follow, support and share as a member of it.

The problem is not the man or the men, is the context which allow them to abuse us, this is the true failure of our society (the concentration of power in the hand of one man or a group of men). This is why removing one person of the power will only allow another one to check in for the available seat.

Sadly sometimes there is no much you can do but follow those you fight for. The 25S became a media based collective, they evaluate themselves with the impact of their campaign in the press, not to the result they have achieved,

The truth is, the 25S will celebrate it’s first year and yet has not achieved nothing, not a single change, they have ben serving the system by diluating people’s anger with fake hopes and powerless actions. 15M / 25S same medicine, same anestesic.

Looks like they fear the power and have decided to go for a smaller game to hunt. But please do not insult the people who died in history for me having the right to say something you may not like, by calling this action a “revolution” or this movement a ” Revolutionary movement “. it was at some point, today the PAH’s like collective are the only collectives that actually make at some point of people’s reality a difference.

See you on 28S, or not, if you have better to do this day, I would totally understand.

And NO, I do not believe we will end the Monarchy with a demonstration, but who am I to break their dreams, I will patiently wait for them to wake up … on 29S…