28S – Checkmate (#JaquealRey)

El 28 de septiembre damos un #JaquealRey.


I (personally) do not consider ending the Monarchy as a revolution, don’t get fooled with this action but this is our collective choice, so I follow, support and share as a member of it.

The problem is not the man or the men, is the context which allow them to abuse us, this is the true failure of our society (the concentration of power in the hand of one man or a group of men). This is why removing one person of the power will only allow another one to check in for the available seat.

Sadly sometimes there is no much you can do but follow those you fight for. The 25S became a media based collective, they evaluate themselves with the impact of their campaign in the press, not to the result they have achieved,

The truth is, the 25S will celebrate it’s first year and yet has not achieved nothing, not a single change, they have ben serving the system by diluating people’s anger with fake hopes and powerless actions. 15M / 25S same medicine, same anestesic.

Looks like they fear the power and have decided to go for a smaller game to hunt. But please do not insult the people who died in history for me having the right to say something you may not like, by calling this action a “revolution” or this movement a ” Revolutionary movement “. it was at some point, today the PAH’s like collective are the only collectives that actually make at some point of people’s reality a difference.

See you on 28S, or not, if you have better to do this day, I would totally understand.

And NO, I do not believe we will end the Monarchy with a demonstration, but who am I to break their dreams, I will patiently wait for them to wake up … on 29S…



Documentary – Year one

The last days I’ve been thinking and looking for materials for the documentary project.
It’s such a time consuming and skills requiring project … Someone did offer me to edit the videos,  but logistic makes it impossible, tons of giga of video to be moved from a computer to another by the internet, it’s just not doable this way, I only dispose of a 3G connection when being in Spain, limited by speed and MB consumption.

A friend of mine, working for a documentary producer company offered me the help from profesionnal in terms of skills and hardware, but it will makes me dependent of TV channels and corporates. I’m still thinking but I am doing this as a way to communicate my message, as a way for people who knows me to understand what I am doing, with who and why, not to make money or for the medias to make money out of it… My goal is mainly to share with people what’s happening in Spain, as mainstream media will not provide an accurate and correct information. We all know that things are happening, but we never know the true reasons of people’s uprising.

Through my eyes, I want to share with you my perception of our context.

Solar powerI did try to edit some of the footage, try to make a test video, it looks horrible, I wont be able to do it by myself, lack of time and skill, but not of will 😛

I’ll be using videos that I have find online, somes of my footage, Since I have started to grab video recentely, I have not much video of the period from September 2012 to April 2013, but my idea is to re-create the timeline of my last year with the event that impacted it, I’ll also try to give an idea of why I decided to take this path, ,and how I made it real.
I think it would be great in small episodes of 10/15 min, but I will see how it turns, I will host them on youtube.

Episodes will be about the various movements such as 15M, PAH, 25S, the demonstration we participated and organized 25S, 26S, 29S, 23O, 14N, 20D, the events which impacted the Spanish social and political context during this time period (#LosPapelesDeBarcenas, #CospedalHijadePuta, etc..), the events of my life which led me to this lifestyle and my perception of reality which I’ll try to reflect as best as I can.
Finally I will reveal the project I am settling in Spain and (Since a few days) in Italy in this form, make it public when it will be (normally) in an advanced point, at least for the Spanish part of it.

The only hardware I have to do that is a Gopro Camera, a Samsung Galaxy SII and a solar panel to reload the batteries, so please be indulgent with the quality of video and sound, I have no experience whatsoever in this field.

I will do my best for the first episode to be online at the end of August, Ojala !

If someone wants to give a hand at anything related to the documentary, any tips or advise please get in touch !


Photon’s stealer – El Sol ya no es gratis

I’m performing, which could be called something like illegal Sun’s Photons collection. The sun is not a free ressource anymore in Spain.

El Pais – El SOl ya no es gratis

” El Gobierno se ha propuesto que el autoconsumo energético se implante poco a poco y sin alterar el sistema eléctrico español. Para ello se reserva el derecho de subir y bajar esas tasas o peajes específicos, y que denominan “de respaldo”, en función de como vaya evolucionando el sector. “Vamos a pagar un peaje por la energía recibida del sol”, resume Mario Sorinas, de la empresa oscense Electrobin, con más de 20 años de experiencia en energía solar. “


La Unión Española Fotovoltaica (UNEF), que agrupa a unas 300 empresas y representa a un 85% del sector, asegura que, de implantarse estos cambios, sería más caro el autoconsumo solar que recurrir al suministro convencional. “Se impide el ahorro a los consumidores y se paraliza la entrada de nueva competencia en el mercado eléctrico”, contemplan.

El decreto sobre autoconsumo ha llegado con más de un año de retraso. En los últimos cinco años los consumidores han visto cómo los precios de la tecnología fotovoltaica han bajado un 80%, por lo que producir su propia electricidad con paneles solares se ha convertido en una alternativa muy interesante. Se ha desarrollado un pequeño mercado de autoconsumo instantáneo enfocado en industrias y comercios, que conseguían reducir sus facturas energéticas y mejorar su competitividad, a los que estos cambios perjudicarán.

“El peaje de respaldo puede ser hasta cuatro veces más caro que el peaje convencional en el caso de la tarifa doméstica con discriminación horaria”, calculan. Si hablamos de la potencia contratada en un domicilio, por ejemplo, este peaje de respaldo sería un 27% más alto que el peaje de red.

Source: El Pais, http://periodismoalternativoblog.wordpress.com