Ready to rumble


Feeling uncomfy to have to defend  against such a fast moving and lunatic reptile with my knife and machette in a close quarter way,

I’ve got now a self-defense weapon 😛

I m fixed on the point that I’ll do my best not to kill it but as it already charged me once when I was trying to scare it off, I ll make myself a necklace of it’s bone if it tries it’s chance a second time.

But I’m clear on the fact that I wont kill it just because it’s a snake, I am aware on the fact that I see ugliness where I fear to see beauty.

If i sucessfully remove the fear, I’ll find love within the relationship of neighboor with this wonderfull creature of evolution.

When I see it now, rather than throwing rocks or pieces of wood (like yesterday when I found it one meter above my head in the three) I am throwing it fresh eggs near to the location where I spot it.

This way he will for sure not leavu the area, but it might understand I am a friendly and lovely being 😛

After the man and the cricket, here comes the story of the man and the snake 😛