Near death meditation

Tonight I had one of the most powerful spiritual experience ever, I experienced leaving the body, but I did not reach full separation.

This afternoon I’ll nap and try again, this night again as the method I am using takes advantage of sleep state of the mind.

It was easier than I could ever expect, it was incredible, to give you a glimpse of what I felt, imagine your changing in super sayen, EVERYTHING seems to be vibrating around you like you are in an earth quake, this with a huge sound of a plane taking off.

At this point I knew I was about to leave the body, conscientely, but I didn’t know how to fully experience separation, I tried hard to move out but I was so focused on the noise and vibration, it felt like I was a Sukhoi-37 flying speed mac2 through the air.

Can’t stop to think about it… can’t wait to actually go back to that state of perception of reality, can’t wait to reach any place in this universe with the speed of thought, can’t wait to learn this amazing skill, it has been over a year I am practicing this skill with only a few mere sensation.
Tonight it was my first experience of actually experiencing being my soul, not my body neither my mind.

After fighting the reach out the body, I don’t know why I opened my eyes, mechanically and found my mind locked in a sleeping body, I wanted no record a video on the precise moment, I could not move, I could not make any sound from my mouth, I was an awake mind in a near dead body.

I repeated the experience a second time during the night with the very exact same result but I perceived it to be way shorter in matter of time.

In a future post I will leave the materials I used for this experience, a book that I started last night before going to bed. Near death meditation.