25A- Chronicle of a massacre

As always, they were some new stuff from the police, some of them were carrying their ID number on their riot wear, sadly only those who were in charge of the barricades, not those who charge and massacre us.


We were, I’d say 3000 thousand people, police says 2000, for once we are close enough to agree 😛

twiit3The demonstrators were not the usual one, it was more combative mood, more activist, more radical, this is how looks radical people in Spain, the people the Police fear so much

slide_293963_2380066_freeOn the other side, the police were ready to butcher us on the first occasion, when demonstrators tried to remove the barricade to the Congress, they started the fun.
See the picture below, the black strip is where they are supposed to wear their ID numbers.


I let you enjoy the Juan’s chronicles and the picture album, I do have video that I took, however I did not watch them yet, I believe there is one in which I am recording my own failure to avoid a rubber bullet and ending up on the ground trying to run away, must be fun 😛

I will check them later, and upload them another day if they worth it,  today I am moving with mother nature to spend some time. Packing my stuff and leaving the center of Madrid, it’s not being a safe place anymore. From may 1st I’ll finally be starting my 40 days fasting and will try to document it. Finally …

Juan Robles Cronica (Diagonal)

Jaime Alekos, riots in Delicias, Prado y Atocha


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Sexta Noticias, directo Asedia al Congreso – Be careful what they says is full of shit, Coordinadora25S convocated when they state they did not attend (they did not show any footage of the C25S pancarta or march from Sol to Neptuno), the professors in the faculty were not locked in the building, they were locked OUT etc …:
Noticias sexta