Welcome in my reality

I then have left France to go to Madrid, using daddy’s car.
The 1500KM I had to drive converted themselves in one of the most spicy experience of my life, a friend of mine is even going to write a novel about this 3 days trip, that gives you an idea of how spicy and irreal it was !

20130410_144953Funny things is, without the Police forces, I would have spend one of the most horrible times of my recent life ! I have been surrounded by guardian angels which most of them, were wearing Police uniform !!!!

I will get on this road trip later on, I need first to realize all the teachings embedded into this 3 days experience. I only have one regret, since I have being offered to make the documentary I am saying to myself I need to be recording 24/7 or at least to have a camera ready to record, for this 3 days, it would have been a small movie made out of it… Truly …

Meanwhile, I let you enjoy some music 😛
Take care !
Love !

Zaz – Je veux ( Spanish subs)

Zaz – Je veux ( English subs)