Stop youth precarity: Act democratically

The project consists in a one-week seminar in April that will take place in Paris and Strasbourg and will deal on the themes of youth precariousness and democratic transition in Egypt, France and Spain. The main thematic of the week for meetings and wokshops will be precarity and democracy. The event will take place approximately between the 16th and the 21th  and will involve young activists and cultural producers from the there above mentioned countries.

This Project is hold by European Alternatives (EuroAlter) and I received an invitation to be an intervenant with a group of Spanish activist. After thinking about it, I answered their invitation confirming my presence. They then ask me my “Curriculum” of activism, it sounded funny 😛

C360_2013-03-26-16-05-38-1It was the first time I was asking about my dissident background. It also is the first time I am invited to participate in a seminary, they cover the travel and hosting expanses, I had no reason to refuse but my paranoia 😛
Let’s move from the fear state of mind, it’s a great opportunity to learn, share and teach
Still … This project is co-financed by the European Union. I tend to say and live by ” Don’t eat where you use to take your shit and vice versa “.
Well we will see, may be I’m just being naive, like always, experience will tell the truth.

Seminary webpage