23F – Marea Cuidadana


The 23F was another day of social movilization in Madrid, with a few evolution both form social movement and police forces.

The Firemen did a human chain to protect the protesters from Police and the Police from troublemakers. The act was great, but …
L1219468But they left at soon at the authorization to protest ended up, knowing that the Police only start their assault AFTER the legal time, they were useless. Yes it makes nice pictures that’s true and that’s it.


A FM Radio coverage was in place to coordinate all protesters connected via their mobile phones, since September 25 2012 I believe this day to be the record in terms of attendance, I believe we were over half a million people ( Excluding cops :P)

Vaya panda!

Police kept identifying the demonstrators to fine them, they kept infiltrating people to proceed to random detention. After the legal time (0800PM) the Police started to surround people in Neptuno.
The use of violence by the police warmed up the ambiance and people tried to make checkpoint in the Atocha’s round-about.


Spanish Police forces


A small group of us tried to reach Atocha, but we got cornered by the Police in a small plaza (Reina Cristina).

Where some kids where playing football, we could see the Police evacuating a bar, without any right to enter in the bar without warrant, they then tried something funny, a group of antiriots cops were walking toward us, but not in our direction, we were watching them from an higher position, 20 steps higher. One of them suddently shout ” Arriba,  Arriba ” and all started to run in our direction, they wanted to catch at least one of us, fortunately the steps made the difference and we could escape. They then went to another group of people, who decided not to run like if it was not concerning them, they got arrested. The helicopter arrived over us, we ran out of the area, a few minutes after police back up arrived from all the side of the place. Random detention… it’s all about getting some people whoever they are, protesters or not.