Busy times in France

I still have to write about a few topics, that’s on my to-do list … I’m spending some time with my familly here, started the tatoo I was planning too, taking care of my Dad’s car that I am going to use from now on, in contact with the people’s who wants a true revolution in Spain to start, hardly trying to (re)cover the scars left by my last interaction with my baby’s mum and preparing a seminary in which I’ve been invited as an intervenant with a team of Spanish activist it will be in Paris and Strasbourg from the Apr 16th to 21th, I also have been empowered and given the idea to make a documentary to educate people on what is going on in their streets, who is behind the scene of massive concentration and how do they lives it, a good idea, I am thinking about it …

So again, I have set the blog aside and did not connect that much,  sorry again about that, love you all