Celenque – End of a story

” Mes histoires commencent toutes par il était une dernière fois ” – Fuzati

La Chute:

It was the First and Last time I would write on the board, 107 days of resistance in the cold of Spanish winter ” 2 baffes pour quelques uns, pour les autres ca sera la lutte ” – Fuzati

107After another night in Celenque, at morning time when watching the Bankia employees going to start their shift, we were taking our breakfast, I´ve been made the honour to write the number 107 in the blackboard,   the number of days those people stand in front of the Bankia HQ.

The night was not a boring one, las5deSol a few meters away needed operational support for their occupy action, after over 100 days Celenque had everything needed from Acampamiento Amigo, from tent to cover, stocks of food, carbon to maintain fire up, they were up to help and support Las5deSol, that we as Coordinadora25S supported since their first minutes by our physical presence.

I spend my night alternating between Las5deSol and Celenque, moving stuff from a place to another, talking with the Police, meeting new people, that was a great night.

After a nice breakfast, I went to sleep, I had to attend 2 assembly in the afternoon and go to the Police station of Lavapiès at 1100AM needed to get a few hours of rest.
We went to the Police station to surrender ourselves, as dissidents of 15M likes movements, Okupa and others similar platforms were declared outlaws.

They didn´t accepted us to get into the Police station, but they did ID check some of us, weird people…


At that moment, I was trying to be everywhere, attending Coordinadora25S assemblies, spending nights between Celenque en Sol, trying to be in most of the demonstrations, not only against the PP in calle Genova, but also with the others groups I use to support previously ( Afectados por preferentes pro ejemplo) and the most time consuming, doing my best for the Coordinadora not to implode. Which I partially failed to do so, I will get to that point in a next blog entry.

Revolution became a full time job.  After spending the day on my stuffs, I wanted to spend the night in Celenque, but I needed to get a nap first, I started my nap and woke up 8 hours after.

When I woke up, I had a terrible whatsapp message, the police had removed the people of Celenque, in the most horrible way, injuring an 83 years old lady, throwing her to the ground because she approach the wrong Policeman to closer, I guess he perceived the lady as a danger and the situation required him to use violence for self-defense.


In 107 Days the PAH did complete their principal mission, getting the Half million signature to empower the ILP with over 1.5 millions signatures.

Entrega en el Congreso:

The Police came with the cleaning service and Trash trucks, they binned all the food, hardware, and personal stuffs people had with them, can you imagine that, homeless people being taken away the few they´ve got, this is the price of resistance.

Celenque Before the Police expulsion, Xmas dinner:


Celenque After the Police expulsion:


Celenque during the ” Preferentes ” demonstration

Where were you when these people needed you ? Me I was sleeping … I guess the same for you … I hope you feel the same shame as I do…

If you do, get on the fucking street and stop to accept what is so, it is so because you make it so by the total obedience and submission of our daily lifes… Yes, WE.