God is back

Today, for the first time over a long, very long period, I had the opportunity to interpret a sign of my divine entity, after now almost 7 complete days of fasting…

I was sitting in the street, waiting for the bus to Barcelona, with my depressed ugly face, then a young guy, aged about 20 came to me, without a word, he gave me a chocolate. Surprised and wordless, I answered ” is that for me ? “ he replied ” hang on that’s a matter of time ” .


Yes I know most people would smile and think ” He must have taken you for the sad homeless that you are “, and that’s a very respectable perception, however in my very own experience and perception of reality,
Peoples are one of the thousand devices the universe can use, a word in the mouth of a stranger, a message in a song, in a movie, an advice in a newspaper, a sound produce by the flow of a river, a feeling in an experience, to me it’s a matter of communication, not necessarely a chat with the voice in my head.

No I did not eat the chocolate, I’ve been served a spiritual dinner tonight, for the first time since months now, contact has been re-engaged. That’s a step …