28D – Alfon libertad

Today a mobilization in Sol @ Madrid will be taking place at 18.45 in order to protest against the illegal detention of Alfonso during the general stike of 14N.


Alfon is the first politic prisoner of the 25S, treated without human rights and processed as an E.T.A terrorist. He is accused to have carried an DIY explosive device in is backpack, which has been demonstrated to be an inaccurate fact, there is no proof the device was in his backpack, there is no fingerprint on the device that correspond to his, politician opposant to Partido Popular in the Spanish congress claims this matter to have been made up by the police.

Today there is not a single proof found that could imply Alfonso in this made up crime.


The Plataforma Alfon Libertad, create by his relatives have call for this mobilization supported by the Coordinadora25S and others various plataforma.

Plataforma Alfon Libertad

You can follow the live streaming on the Coordinadora25S Bambuser page From 18.45 today 28/12/2013