Paulo Coelho – The warrior of light

Those who look on other people´s misery with indifference are the most miserable of all

I personally am not a fan of P. Coehlo (Too much catholic influences in his writings and a basic invitation to spirituality from my point of view, It´s to me a kind of Siddhartha novel in the style and message – I had great expectation and was [kinda] disappointed ).
I must admit I only have read The warrior of light and The alchemist, but I believe it´s enough to have my own perception.

I will return to my Deepak chopra´s book and if I want a book an entertaining book, I will wait for the next Dan brown.

Don´t get me wrong, not saying it is “bad”, senseless or with no spiritual meaning, or anything that could be interpreted as negative, I am just saying that´s not what I expected for a ” once in a decade book that changes worldwide consciousness “. May be if I´d have read it 15 years ago it will have had a different impact.

There are a two passages that I like in the warrior of light, and I believe them to be noticeable enough to share them, so here is one of them.


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