Ejemplaridad revolucionaria y transparencia economica

Yesterday I was reading the blog of the ” Plataforma en Pie ” to keep myself updated of different ideologies and movement of the 25S.

I came upon the ” Caja de resistencia ” ( Spanish term to design the piggy bank of resistance ) topic page and was really pleased to read that they were for the transparency of their finances. Until I found out they were nothing more than a reference to transparency, but actually no information at all about the finances, donations or even expenses.

The text above can be translated as ” In order to insure transparency in the use of the ” Caja de resistencia ” and to show our respect and thankfulness to everyone who will donate, we will publish in this blog all the (financial) movements occurred in the bank account, once a week and providing a explanation of each transactions.

That entry was dated on day first of October 2012. Yet, on day 12 of November 2012 the only traces of this ” caja de resistencia ” was the comments made by donators, no other reference on the whole blog could be found.

I then decide to let a comment, sharing my worries about the transparency mentioned above. Today on day 13th of November, the problem has been “solved” but with slight changes in the design and in the definition of transparency…

The text mentioned above can be translated in ” We will not provide de details of received transactions, for confidentially of donators and because we do not believe these data to be of interest for those who wish to know what we are doing with their donations. In this page you will find every week the update balance of the bank account, and the page ” Gastos ” (Fees) our costs and how the funds have been spent ”

Sounds like politician speech and action way, “I say something and I do what I feel like “, literately it sounds to me like PP for Spain or UMP for France, we are quiet far from the transparency from my point of view, and from the weekly transaction report on bank account.
I do understand that to protect the donator´s confidentiality name shall not be reavelled and I agree with this obvious fact, but this is not what is asked here.
Now let´s have a look “fees” page

This is the fees page at it was a couples of hours earlier, I can see that the box starts with an amount of 2013,50 euros on day 1, day 1 also correspond to the blog entry of the original ” Caja de resistencia ” page, which means the 2013,50€ does not include the donations made after the first of October 2012.

Week 2 demonstrate that only fees has been taken out until the day 22 of October, no incomes has been made as we can clearly see above, from 2013,50€ to the 1636,50€ only deduction are made.
However, when reading the post on the previously available page, we can see donation confirmation on several and distinct days.
Donation made on 1st of October 2012

Donation made on 8th of October 2012

Donation made on 3rd of October

But there are no references to the several transactions mentioned they decided not to reveal them, ok, but it should be reflected in the balance of the ” Caja de resistancia ” it does not take over 20 days for a bank wire transfer in spain, it takes 3 to 5 days when account receiver and holder are from different bank entities.
The last actual balance available reflects: Saldo a día 08/10/12: 1.823,50€

Then they are no available proofs of the costs, a simple and basic concept is shown, no available receipt, no traces of expenses, no bank statement is provided, ” Trust my words ” is the core concept of this kind of transparency.

The accounting is incoherent and virtually unavailable, there is lot of question in my opinion that stays unanswered.

This simply is my opinion and no offence intended I respect all that you represent and the work you have done, but you are pretending to reject this government, do not act like him, teach by exemplarity, do not fight with the same strategies, you will find yourself thinking like them if you keep acting like them, referring here to the Spanish government.
I truly hope this critic to be constructive, it´s not intended to damage and I´am no one to teach or give lessons, I merely offer my perspective to share a point of view, sometimes we need to shift our sight a few degrees to see the mountain.

For a “Caja de resistencia” there are a few points I´d consider, just for moral sense and ethical values, just to demonstrate the way such a group like yours shall fight, by being a living example of the message given into history.

– Weekly screenshot of bank account transactions inputs/outputs ( Donator´s name can easily be covered or paint over with any editing tool )
– Detailed and provable tables of fees and costs (Each expense shall be public, traceable and accountable)
– Public accountability in a sense in which any citizen could know on a weekly basis have total visibility on finances. That would be what I call transparency.

I believe in a transparent economy, I´am a dreamer that´s a fact, but I can easily imagine a society in which the money is not a taboo, in which I would see in the supermarket the price of production, price bought by the shop and price sold, in which I could have access to all the salaries of the workers of my workplace (If I would have one of course), to be able to see the same points mentioned above on corporates and government.
German are about to suppress the cash of their economy, that is planned so far for  June 2013, which means only electronic transactions, the government will finally have the last piece of the identity they gives us, our finances.
Every transaction you will make in Germany will be electronic, the system is adapted, you will be able to pay your bread with it.
That system was tried in France near than 10 years ago, fortunately people did not really get into it, it has been a failure, but that is the future we can expect.

But there is another advantage for the governments it severally damages black economy and make a lot of black money to surface into the system, no more cash means a lot more than a ” Tech advance ” as it is sold by the economical power.

The same applied to our leaders now ( Which they will of course not impose themselves ) removes financial corruption, not the materialistic one, yet that´s a step, but the main point is that it will reveal who owns what, and that would trigger worldwide revolution all over the world, the people will be able to put faces on the famous 1%, to see the biggest pictures, ” Familly X owns corporate A which owns corporate C which owns D which owns 90% of the market of Z ”
People would be able to visualize the financial rape that has been going on since a few centuries and understand that economic crises are human made and not the consequences of a unsustainable system.

That would end the political, economical, social and religious life as we know it today.

Yes I am dreamer, but hey, you never know as I´am living my dream …


3 thoughts on “Ejemplaridad revolucionaria y transparencia economica

  1. Hello !

    Yes 🙂 When I use the term ” Black economy ” I refer to all the hidden economy ( Drugs, child, organs and weaponry traffics, individuals working with no legal contracts, the black markets, the corruption and so forth ).

    In a transparent system in which all financial transactions would be traceable, public and available to all with an electronic signature and a generic concept ( To protect individuals rights ).

    I´d apply the same to all resources from money to water, oil and agriculture resources, and to make the shift into such a system, I´d also (personally) cancel all debts, private and public, an economical pardon for all and insure all the underground economy to surface into the system by allowing the black money to enter into the new system without question, no matter if it comes from hidden money saved under the mattress or years of corruption accumulated gains. This general pardon in order to initiate a shift in our social way, with a plan based on the Quran economical guidelines , which consist in reversing a 10% of incomes to provide a social sustainable system based on generosity, not empowered by laws.
    With a public database of these donation into the system, to redefine our social definition o richness into ” The one who share the most ” and not ” The one who owns the most “.

    But you know, I´m not into politics and don´t believe in such a system or at least as we know it, our political system became a star system in which nearly only the reflected social image is taken into consideration as demonstrate the budget of USA elections ( 5 and 6 billions for 2 candidates ), in a world in which we yet have not solved starvation, it sounds to me like a crime and for nothing in the world I´d sell my relationship with my Soul for fame glory or power, so there is no room for me in a political life 😛

    Thanks so much for following and commenting on the blog 🙂
    Impatient to read about your next posts !
    A strong hug and a lot of love !

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