Thank you

This evening I had the great honor and immense pleasure to assist to the Coordinadora assembly, I’m wordless, I can say I had forgotten how good it feels to experience who you truly are.

I shall express what I feel, sincerity being one of the tool to shape humanness, so thanks to all of you people of the Coordinadora, I have been surprised to realize how many of you are following this blog, but my thanks are not for this reason, at all, I must admit that this is meaningless compared to the fact that thanks to you, I can live this experience and define myself in harmony with my convictions, beliefs, values and philosophy of life. This is priceless to a Soul, at least to mine.

The Buddha Gotama understood that Enlightement is achieved when one experience who he truly is, and Confucius that Wisdom can only be reached in a social context based on love, you now can have a better understanding of the gift you are making to me by accepting me being one of yours, I had never met my true self before meeting you. I merely had an idea of who I was, but without the experience of it.
A concept + the experience = knowing. In this formula, you allowed me the experience.

I also want to thanks you from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful souls, for your giants heart in which we could fit the world, for not having given up, for still being so creative and active, for being yourselves.

So many new faces, new hearts, new Souls since I had left, so many people from who I keep learning, words after words, interaction after interaction, smile after smile, I don’t believe life to be a school, but you guys as individuals and as an entity are from the best teachers I ever met, dedicated to change your context, single minded in helping those in need, I feel really honored to know each of you and being able to see you again, to hug you and to talk to you again gave me wings, you are an abundant source of love and this is all the world needs.

I truly, deeply, sincerely, and unconditionally love you, each of you.
As I said in previous post, I do not apply label to my love, but if I would, I would label this love as family, I love you and care for you as I’d for my brothers or my baby girl.

I wish you good luck for the 14N, please take a great care of each others,
And again, Thanks for shaping the world with your heart,

Truly yours,


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