Gorges de l’Ardeche

I went for a couple of days in the gorges de l’Ardeche,
The trip was just magic, I found a little hundered years old farm in which I could spend one of the night, that was just awesome.
I felt like 200 years ago 😛
No water, no electricity but an amazing ambiance, on the side of the river, that was just so great.
The perfect context when you wanna take some time to read, think and meditate, a peaceful environement…
I found a place to stay for when I feel like, that’s nice 😛
I also found a boat the second day stucked between some rocks   (and another one the day after, the yellow one seen in the video), it’s crazy the amount of abandonned stuff you can find in a natural reserve.

I’am a fan of solar energy, it’s crazy the fact to be energy independant, I truly love it, I don’t have to worry about charging the camera, the mobile or the flashlight. Fast, reliable and water resistant, but needs sun otherwise it takes hours when there only is daylight but no direct sunlight.

Again I’ve tried to compile a maximum the video to reduce the time of the final cut, I made 3 parts (The small house, The river, The boat)

Foto: Album





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