Universe´s concept: Thought control and contextual creation (Part2)

From an approach more science based, as mentionned in the Part1 the thoughts are a measurable, visible and locable energy, this has been demonstrated with encephalography exams.

Doctor Emoto has proven that thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our physical world, in his test he demonstrate how the structure of water, it´s called the crystal experience.

The Global consciousness project show how computers are affected during worldwide event, the concept being based on computers all over the world making random calculation, when a world wide event is impacting our lifes such as the 9/11 the computers are providing coherent result.

Based on this scientific knowledge, we can clearly understand that our feelings, emotions and thoughts are energies impacting our physical reality in a physical form.
Now we also have the knowledge based on what we know about the universe that matter is created by and from pure energy, enough similar energy particle grouped together creates matter.

I personaly am not a fan of science, due to his unability to recognize mistakes and errors, history sadly proven several times how childish were humans and instead of working in constructive way when two theories are in opposition, scientist spend most of their energy figthing for who´s right, who´s wrong refraining the progress they could make by working together on different path rather than denying half of the equation (I am talking here about Quantum science) refraining their progress. That is why I prefer a spiritual insight rather than a scientific one.

When one make up his mind about something, one set up the universe in motion, forces beyond our ability to understand engages a process of interaction with subtles energies, one litteraly order to the universe in which direction his reality shall be created, by design the universe has no other desire than execute the order as a command line in a linux terminal, when one choose something he must be single minded and choose it at all level of creation (Thoughts, words, actions), he must be single minded, thinking a thing and saying another engages different sort of energy and one is loosing then the control of his creation, doubting about what one choose is doubting about the outcome of the creation.
Having doubt about the outcome is having doubt about oneself.

I´ve been told in my Christian context that I´ve been made in the image of who they call God, I have no doubt that I have been made in the image of the creator, made has a creative being able to create out of energy whatever I choose in this physical world, saying his has 10 fingers a mouth and a dick isn´t really what I would expect of the image of the one they call God, but I respect all believes, so I wont make fun of what I consider to be primitive theologies empowered by multi-billions corporate like organizations, again this is my perception of it, no offense intented.

So Yes I believe that any of us has been granted the creative power, the unlimited wisdom, the infinite potential and the unconditional love of the entity the muslims reffers has Allah, you can choose the label that correspond you, I have no preferences, God, Jah, Allah, Energy of Life, One Love energy, it´s to me different label for the same entity, this is why I use them all. You can understand that I´m not religious, but I believe or I rather say I experience this entity to be.

So as I mentioned in the Part1, I have experienced that the fastest way to create our reality is by having an harmony between the 3 level of creation ( Thoughts, words and actions ) it sounds logical to me as we are sending energies at all levels in the same direction, like in the creation of stars, when enough energies are grouped together, matter is created.
When one thinks something, say the things corresponding to his thoughts but taking actions that differs from the two first level of creation, the creation is then obstructed.

I´ve observed that the mind and the body direct the flow of creation, when the soul is always going straight to the creation point in physical reality. The body engages the physical motion to that point, the mind giving direction to the body, the soul waiting to all possible creation point of reality, ready to create at any time the experience that the mind and body are choosing.
When the mind and body take different direction (Thinking and doing different) the soul then create several creation point, untill one is met.

Let´s take an example, someone wants to kill himself blindly crossing an highway, the mind being full of doubt they will be several creation point where the mind and body can met the Soul creation, on the side of the road is the person decide not cross which would be the safe point or in the middle of the road with the death point created also by the soul, in this example their are 2 different point of creation possible following the outcome of the body and mind decision.

This is how I believe one can choose and direct the flow of the creation of his self reality, I might be totally wrong about it, but so far since I am applying this formula, I had some incredible experience, you can also now have a better understanding of my choice of lifestyle, I truly do my best for my words and actions being a reflect of what I think, rather than finding excuses for not doing what I feel I shall be doing. Even if sometimes it cost me to give up my previous ideas about something or the path that I have taken since years. It´s by the experience of my mistakes that my personal evolution is defined, sometimes it just cost a lot to admit them, but it´s in admitting them that you can start to do something about it 😛

Lot of love !


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