Universe´s concept: Thought control and contextual creation (Part1)

I believe that the reality we experience can be created in 3 different way:

– One´s uncontrolled thoughts
– One´s creative consciousness
– Our collective consciousness


This reality creation process is driven by 2 energies:

– Thoughts ( Thoughts are a medible energy that can be measured )
– Collective consciousness ( Our context of evolution being the sum of all the world´s thoughts, words and actions )


This process take place in 2 percievable reality:

– Automate reality ( Unsubjective as handled by our global consciousness)
– Created sub-reality ( Subjective reality created by one´s thoughts, words and actions )


So I can observe that one process (Creation of reality) can be created in 3 different maneers, using 2 kind of energies in 2 different environement.

At a personal level the power of thought are the basis of the receip, this is why I define the thought control as one of the principal skill in order to gain the ability of “creating our reality” and thought control requires some work to re-educate the mind.
The mind reflexes are based on re-creation (re-creating a previous experience) the mind naturally uses pre-conceived concepts, uses pre-programmed reaction, at any time the mind is ready to reproduce a past action experienced by one in his past context (or by others when it comes to a new first experience)

This is what makes thought control a hard task if one stays on the same perspective of observation in his life, if one wants to remove negativity and fear of his thinking range of options, one will first have to move to a state of mind that will refrain to a maximum the opportunity for his mind to instinctively call for those options.
Changing the context adequately will also provide less opportunity for fear and negativity (Like holidays can easily provide a new context and state of mind to remove negativity)

The morning mood is a good demonstration of the above, it often triggers the experiences of a whole day in one´s context, bad mood will often lead to a negative day as it will conditionate one´s state of mind and so the experiences made by one on a time based period ( small events that would not have impacted one on a good mood state of mind, will frustrate or upset one in a negative mood providing the experiences of negativity through all day or untill the state of mind changes ) nothing being permanent in the physical world as Einstein said 😛

The mind being trained to react (re-act) it requires some work to change the mind conditioning, for my personal experience it use to upset me when people where walking in the metro pushing me like if I wasn´t here, and so the mind always had a thought for them ” Asshole ” or ” Son of a bitch ” where the reaction my mind was trained to have, from the day I had decided to correct this negative thinking, it took me a long time to train my brain not to negatively react about it, at the begining I could not help it, it was natural, but I started to have a second thought about it ” Not good, you have been negative “, experiences after experiences I succesfully remove this reaction from this experience and trained my mind to create another reflex about this experience.
I took me several years to be able to spend a whole day without having a negative thought, being someone with a mind trained to use negativity on all subject or nearly all experiences with other beings.
But I sucessfully removed nearly all the negativity of my thinking range, this method works for any state of mind or any “corrective” training of the mind.

In my spiritual path, it has yet been harder to de-associated the cultural concept that have been settled in my mind during my whole experience in this planet, most of my spiritual experiences where defined by my experience of the context and so my mind automatically applied labels such as ” randomness, imagination, not proven, impossible etc … ”
This is how my mind was trained to react due to a life experience in a context in which mens have not yet understood the metaphysical laws, an experiencable reality that can not be observed within the physical knowledge that we have, which itself defines the rules within we live.
I´ve observed in my experience that the people who explained me the rules of life didn´t even know how to play the game of life, which made me play with alterated rules since day one, experiencing the outcome of this ignorance.
” Es lo que hay ” as they say in spain.

Well I have found that playing with my set of rules was making the life way easier and allowed me to feel responsible for what happen in my life, as I now clearly know that the experiences of my life are the outcome of my creation and not the punishement or recompense of some random divine authority.

In buddhism, Ignorance is considered as one of the cause of the samsara, the sphere in which one evolve, in which one can experience pain at all level ,body, mind and spirit.
Ignorance in this interpretation mean the spiritual unawareness or the lack of understanding about the rules (physical and metaphysical) applying to the automate and sub-created reality.

” You will have what you want before you even ask for it ” Jesus Christ. ( In my interpretation, I would replace “want” by “choose” )
That statement, to me clearly demonstrate the knowledge of the Christ regarding these rules, he undoubtly knew that the universe would allow him to create the experience he wanted, I believe one can judge his self path to mastery in this topic by observing the time between “choosing” and “experiencing” , for some it takes years, for others months, for those approching mastery it takes days, for a master there is virtually no delay between “willing” and “experiencing”.

In my experience, I have noticed thousand times that there is an obvious relationship between my mind and my reality, like these period in which I was not so good for any reason, starting a short cycle of negative experience but keeping my mind open that tomorrow could be a better day, I labelled it as a bad day.
Sometimes it was longer than a day and I could see the negative experiences coming one after the other, chaining themselves for days, weeks, sickness, bad news, financial issues, sometimes leading even to depression, closing my mind to a positive outcome, labelling this “Dark times”, both examples are self-conditionement, I too have observed from these experiences that all state of mind reproduce itself.
A negative state of mind will create more opportunity to create negativity in our reality, all our choices, words, actions, interactions and thoughts will be based on negativity when evolving with a negative state of mind, which will too provide more opportunities to experience a situation as negative, when it provides the opposite effect within a positive state of mind.

The state of mind also have to be applied in the physical world in order to create the reality, the thoughts to be converted in words that can be heard and the words in actions that can be shared or reproduce in order to create a whole experience previously chosen.
It´s by creating an harmony between the mind the body and the soul that the creation of reality is faster and most effective ( Thoughts, actions and feelings ), when a word is though taking form, when an action is this specific word in an physical action, and when a feeling is the outcome of this experience, one create the reality in the way a master does.

It´s a very simple concept but not that easy to apply, because we all spend most of our life time living in a conflict between the mind, body and soul, I can provide thousand of examples, the humanist with his Iphone, the anticapitalist eating mcdonald´s and wearing Nike, the pro-palestinian buying israelit products, the animal right defender eating meat and the best example our political system which is based on this formula, think something, say what others want to ear and do the most convenient.

No-harmony between the three composent of a being still create reality, but it creates is within the factor of uncontrolled thoughts and global consciousness, our context creates our experiences when living without harmony, it´s also called “Luck or Bad Luck” the opposite of living by choices.

Part 2 soon 😛
Lot of Love !


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