The big day that we were waiting for, I had hard time to fall asleep it felt like the previous day before going back to school after summer holidays when I was a bit younger, I turned on the TV and get ready for it, we (the Coordinadora) have planned to meet at 1130 in a place near Plaza Espanya.

They were 2 places where people could meet, Plaza Espanya and Atocha train station however some people where already surrounding the Spanish congress. An Overview of Plaza Espanya below

1000: First step, was to make sure I´d have our lawyer name with me, as the police take away  personal stuffs if caught, I written down his name and back my stuff, ready to go

When reaching the place, I was surprised to see that the TV was here, the Sexta had followed one of of us with his agreement, the Police were already in place, on the ground and on the sky. A group of 50 people were there to welcome the people coming from others part of Spain.

The welcoming was supposed to start at 1200, sadly the Police forces were registering all the buses incoming identifying people, the first buses arrived later during the picnic organized at 1400

1430: During the Picnic, I went to spray love over Madrid by throwing a couple of thousand earths made of papers, the point was to insure ourselves that they were no cops occupying the roof of the building so we could later use it to deploy the Giant poster (That´s why I was trying to progress into the building without making noise

1515: When Ramon one of my coordinadora mate asked me how I felt about the concentration of people, I´ve answered him that it was way less than what I expected, but we shall still have faith, then arrived the first bus from Valladolid, under general greetings, when we yet were not many people, at least not as much as expected, talking between us, we had no idea how many people were coming to surround the congress, every new column of people reaching the place was more hope, the mood was good,

1600: Started the informative assembly in which maps and instructions were given away ( During the morning someone came to us, a worker who could not participate to the demonstration, offered us to copy the materials we needed to his job place, near plaza espanya, in a way to support us, he photocopied us a several thousand maps and sheet, that shows how one can participate in anyway, that support felt warm to our hearts ) and a (volunteer) lawyer from LegalSol explained to the people present what to do and who to contact in case of getting in troubles with the Police

1700: A team of the Coordinadora went to an abandonned building (Telefonica offices, the one I´ve visited in the previous post: Madrid and it´s beauty ) to give the starting signal for the walk to Plaza neptuna by unfolding the (now) famous ” RODEA EL CONGRESO ” poster we made

It has been a great sucess when seeing in how many newspaper, website and TV news who featured it,

1730 The march to Plaza Neptuno started, suddently thousand of people has arrived and join

1800 On our tracks to Neptuno, when cops used to be by groups of 20, they (weirdly) were 2 cops left alone, in the middle of our way, with their gear on ( When others were not equiped with their anti-riot hardware ) and one was proudly carrying his rubber bullet rifle, I believe they were left to us as bait, to warm the thousand of people and may be to start the first riot, people started to surround them, we (the coordinadora) took the initiative to create a human chain around them and made people move away from them, I can tell you they were both looking at the ground, I truly believe that they left some shit in their antiriot gears and pants 😛

1900: We had reach PlazaNeptuno, they were several thousand of people who had arrived from Atocha and Cibeles, the first clashes started with the Police, every 15 minutes the Police were charging us, even when we were sitting and no incident or clashes happened, they had to keep us within the Fear state of mind

2115: Police forces has decided to remove us from the place, shooting rubber bullets and charging people present there, even so, people came back untill midnight, this first day was a true sucess to us, the concentration of people was amazing, we were not expecting so much devotion, even so, violence was expected. The video below is what I recorded from Police charging us. The last charge was triggered by infiltrated cops, no this is not an urban legend as most of people who defend the UIP ( Intervention Unit of Police, antiriot cops ) as you can see in the 2 last video of the post.

That was my first experience in organizing and coordinating a demonstration, I could not dream of a better experience, we have learnt a lot, each of us, the day after was the continuity of this day, the 26S that I will share in a next post.

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Photos and Videos: Album 25S

All my Love,


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