Coordinadora25S – Pre 25S

When I have reached Madrid I had yet no idea what was about to happen,
After a few days I´ve started to go to the public assembly of the Coordinadora25S, an apolitical group of citizens who have decided to coordinate the 25 September move ” RODEA EL CONGRESO ”

Assembly after assembly I´ve started to get more involved, discussing ideas, organization, sometime strategies to finally spend most of my day time involved with them. So I would like to share with you my first true experience in the new life that I have freely chosen, making my action a definition of who I am in harmony with my values, beliefs, thoughts and words.

The first assembly I went, we were about 30 people, public assembly in Madrid streets, every one free to come and participate, I was carefully listening and I get to the understanding that they were only a very few people “ego” interested in this move, most people there were citizens of all generations, the younger generation and olders generations, compared to mine. That was in the second week of September just after I have reached Madrid.

Then Police came into game in a Sunday public assembly, identifying the (+/-) 25 peoples present, using fear strategy to de-coordinate the people willing to change the things. The day after, we were 17 present to the assembly, the fear strategy did not really work, people even identified were still willing to change the things, that sounded good.

Knowing that people were coming from all over spain for the 25S we started to organize ourselves to find places for them to stay in Madrid, they were no way we would let them down. A social center offered us eventually space for these people, the same social and cultural centre in which the coordinadora25S were born, sadly the day after, the Police came to that centre, and close it down with no legal or judicial order to do so, they illegaly closed the Casablanca social centre.

From that point, the fear had integrated our daily assembly, some people clearly stated that they were not trusting the group, that some infiltrated cops could be within us, ” I fear for my personal security ” was a sentence that made me sad at that time, eventually other centres that had offered us their support let us down, fearing the Police forces. That night we went to support the Casablanca social centre in a demonstration, but things had slighlty changed, we were less people in assemblies, but it had also the contrary effect, some people started to link up, we mostly were all strangers to each others.
On this day, I made my first “Human” contact with some of them and settled back in the position I love so much, being a social being socializing.

On the next assembly, we have been aware that people identified by the Police has been cited to court in relation to the Aricle 494 of Spanish penal code ” Acting against institution of the state ”

During this assembly, more people representative of others groups has joined us, people form Barcelona and other parts of Spain were present, they were only 6 days left to reach the decisive day, 25S.

We then started to daily comunication in public places, difussing flyers in the metro with a speech explaining what was the 25S about, the people were mostly receptive, curious, we had ovation and applause, people were coming into us to get a flyer before leaving the metro in their station, I must say that my compy Ai*** was a great speaker, he was able to get people attention and curiosity, he is one of the more active member of the collective from my point of view, he is the one who decided and draw the design of the pancarte, Ai*** is the kind of guy you really need if you want to create a mass movement.


Drawing the pancarte of theCoordinadora was fun and awesome, we were 3 or 4 depending of which day, but it was worth it, it has been a huge success 🙂 And a great hommage to the people arrested by the police on the 15 of September demonstration for showing a pancarte ” RODEA EL CONGRESO ” (

The next Sunday, the Police came back, to Identify more people, we could feel the fear of an illegitimate governement. The Coordinadora denunced the Police for their illegal behavior, but complaining against Police… You know what I mean ……

They were 2 days left, we all were really excited, some expecting few peoples during the demonstration, some (like me) expecting Madrid to be full of thousands of people.

I wish to thanks with the bottom of my heart, my mind and my Soul all the people who have participated to the create this social movement, the “Plataforma en pie” for starting the movment and the Coordinadora25S for accepting me and allowing to participate in this wonderful opportunity to create experiences defining who I am, for being such active and having such faith in humans.

So many friendly and warm people, a few very special relationship created with strangers, an unconditional and blind trust for some, you people can be very proud of you for what you have done, I love you all with the bottom of my heart and Soul, see you later for the assembly and tomorrow for the third round.

All my love,


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