Madrid and it’s beauty, peoples.

This morning I made my way in the telefonica abandonned offices, plaza espanya.


I found a real town inside it, a homeless community living in the dying structure, I had my first urban survival lesson, the teacher at first came to order me to bug out of there, after a smoke we went on having a lil chat, from the guy who died in it yesterday falling down several floors, to the periodical cleansing ef the building made by police forces.


I made one more beautiful friend, who after the fear interaction, willingly shared the wonderfulness and horribly scaring path of his experience, he did not do anything more than loosing his job 3 Years ago, since then fear and alert are his daily state of mind and interaction.

I am glad I could share some love, this is really what people needs, in all situation, in all conditions, unconditionnal love and acceptance.


We then went for a visit of the building, and some signatures.

Wonderful morning 🙂


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