Interpretation – My Believes, my Faith

My Believes, my Faith and I – Following my heart

That´s going to be very personal ! And Very long ! But that´s just a very small glimpse to understand my contextual use of these words.

I´am originally from a Christian context of evolution, not baptised I am free of most core religious believes and mind constructed barriers due to the conditioning made to a one into his relationship to what he believes in.
I say most because as define by my context of evolution the only way that I knew to a spiritual higher entity was the one of the Catholic church, due to this fact the majority of my life spent on earth has been defined and conditioned by the Catholic rules, by design of context.

Most religions  got me with their Hell or lower reincarnation form, theory and they powerful loving entity that solves what looks like personal (ego) issues sending you to eternal pain ( I don’t get the “loving” does mean in that context, go figure!). Not targeting any religion here, just exposing with (no much) caricatures the “men way to dictate” applied to the entity that rules the universe and has the final word on anything (Free choice ?).

I lost these believes and fears going with a couples of years ago during a miraculous spiritual awakening I have witnessed, mine. I said miraculous because honestly, take my word, I was the last person in the world you would have taken seriously when speaking about faith or spirituality ! 😛
The (wonderful) people I have met these 5 last years have too, witnessed the shift, the people I have met before would not believe any word or action of what I am today, it just doesn´t fit the experience of who I used to be.

So I´ll tell more about my personal Faith, my Entity, my Believes and myself.
The entity I believe in what they refer at supreme enity, I don’t like to use religious labels, but when I do I refer to this, , it is what in I believe, what I feel, what I experience.Again, I do not like to use labels to refer to this entity as it place special meaning following the label, I do believe in a unique entity, however it name is  Jah, God, Allah, the Universe, The Creator, The Architect, The Purest Love, the Brightess Light, or whatever we choose to call it, the meaning is the same to me, I believe this entity being the universe itself on a certain form, but I discard all religious meaning of it. Make this point clear, when I use Jah, God, the Universe or Allah,
There is no Rastafarian, Christian, Sikh or Buddisth meaning related to it when it comes from my typing. Religious meaning of this entity doesn´t fit in my experience of life.

Dad of my physical Child I would never hurt my daughter, she can literally stab me in the back,I could not raise my hand on her, because she is my beloved child and I love her with no need for conditions, my love towards her does not require any physical condition to be filled, how can my God could be less loving than I am ? That’s why I am saying the judging God doesn’t fit my experience of life.

In the Physical form, my God is the Universe in which we evolve, in the metaphysical form, the energy of love, the one that drives life itself. So I´ll try to get on the physical definition, based on observation of my physical experience,

It´s all about scale, to make it short, I am physically composed with quantum foam and string as the smallest scale our science has discovered so far which has a size of around 0,0000000001 yoctometers, this quantum foam and strings itself compose the space between much bigger neutrinos, and quarks of several size,  which grouped up compose electrons and nucleus which create atoms which assembled gives molecules, which allows DNA, giving chromosomes, which then allow cells.
You did’nt get that shit ? Me neither I just copy/pasted it, the principal is that ” which grouped up compose electrons and nucleus which create atoms which assembled gives molecules, which allows DNA, giving chromosomes, which then allow cells” It is just a matter of scale.

Science has shown that 2 identical cells has their own reaction in front of a similar event, since then we says that “ Cells has their own intelligence “, an example is demonstrated when an foreign object is penetrating the body, some of the skins cells will literally make the sacrifice of their lifes to create a shell in order to contain the infection, some others skin cells will enter into a reproductive mode, others will fight against potential infection, some will allow specific chemical reaction to trigger function into the brain, all these are the same identical cells. They literally act as we do when a natural mayhem hit our civilisation, the common objective is the reestablishment of the calm, everyone having his role to play. A cell has it’s own energy “power plant”, it’s own digestive system and is covered by a tiny skin.

The magics opere here:  65 000 billions cells, create in a permanent harmony, maintain, form, heal, optimise a whole body,which will be doted of his own self, his own mind, his own skin, it’s own power plant, it’s own digestive, the ability to communicate. Can we possibily thing about each cell of own body having is own consciousness ? Because cells too communicate, in various forms.

Well me, I believe to be a cell of the universe body, being the physical cell of a being with his own conscience, my soul being my connector to this wonderful entity. Just a matter of scale…

Did you notice how our solar system, how every planet and sattelites just look so much the same as an atomic system does? From the biggest galaxy to the smallest particles, we all are the same matter, same chemical composition, just different energy frequencies vibrations. There’s another thing I liked when I discovered it, there are around 65 000 billions stars in the milky way, does that number sounds like something you just read ?
Just a matter ….

They say with meditation, one can see through the several layers of his body, one can literally see how much his own soul is diluted by fear and can trigger a miracle healing in his own body, in this way, one can communicate with his cells.
Then I do believe the same applies with the soul, but as a much easier and bigger scale, we might not respect our cells as alive being, and so we might tend to disrespect our bodies, but this is the limitation of men understanding, I believe.

Well me, I believe to be a cell of the universe, being the physical cell of a being with his own conscience, my soul being my connector to this wonderful entity. Just a matter …

I can imagine the universe as a being much more evolve and complex than a human being (with no difficulty) a being dedicated to the purest and unconditional love of his cells, and I do not mean the men, but all the spirit children of the universe. That’s something to me that’s sounds more like a vision of what would it be like ! Something like Wooooaaaaaw !!! Maaaaaaannn !!!!!!
This is my believes in physical terms that more or less explain what I could call my vision of God in his/her/it form. Now if I am one of that cell, I wanna be a cell that heals.

My experience became the basic tool of my spiritual path, experience plus feelings defines if an experience suits my path or not, I love feelings, they are so clear, I straight know if I feel good or not, I believe feelings to come from the heart (when not counterfeit by the mind) and I believe my heart to be the most effective GPS on my path to enlightenment.

“<3  <——  Follow this for a better world”

I have experienced so many time the wisdom of this statement that it became my main core value. Following my heart, the whispering of my Soul.



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