Interpretation – My perception of good, wrong, errors and mistakes

How do I define good and wrong, mistakes and error:

I´am about to enter a very personal subject, but I have been very lucky to meet people in my life which who I could share these in long and deep conversation, removing the shame and unpleasant feeling created by exposing such personal data. The (wonderful) Mom of my baby and many of my “brothers” (very close and intimate friends) allowed me to pass out the last level of “ Not defining itself in the eyes of others “, I can now expose any experience I had in this lifetime, any believes, any words without the fear to be judged or unaccepted. Which I believe to be a gift allowing to fully experience yourself in a social context.

It allows me to share the more intimate details of my life and faith with no worries, I do not mind anymore to expose my most shameful experiences if it serves someone not to reproduce them in their karmic path, or may be even to acknowledge them and so work on it.

I´ve observed that it´s when you recognize and accept what we defines as our “mistakes” ( I do not use that term in his common meaning, when I say mistake I refer as an experience that is not a representation of who I am or who I seek to be, an experience that I have created which goes in the opposite way of what I define as my personal evolution, knowing that making this “opposite” experience allows me to understand or remember that it does not represent me, I can not consider it as a mistake, but only as a step in my evolution, it´s the beautiful duality of our physical universe), so when we acknowledge our “mistakes” we are able to realize, understand and create a shift in our experience not to do that “mistake” again, it´s all about evolution.

Faking that there is no mistake does´nt allow the empowerment to correct it, change it or do something about it. It allows us to do nothing about it. In this meaning I wish my mistakes can help all everyone who cross my path. I use the exact same methodology when I refer to good and wrong, almost everyone in our civilization has reach the understanding that good and wrong are subjectives values, on several levels, as a social system to define rules in which we can lives all together, laws are such a social concept. A law defines as a social level what is good or bad in our context, sadly when leaving in an immoral society, immoral laws tend to root into that concept.

I am French, in my native nation prostitution is illegal, I am living in Spain, I was living in Spain, in which prostitution is legal, so if you go from “ Le boulou, France “ to “ La Jonquera, Spain “ you can find that the prostitution is define as “wrong” by French laws at the begining of the road, and as “OK” by Spanish laws a few kilometers down the very same road. This demonstrate how subjective our definition of Good and Wrong is defined as a social level, I can observe it to be the same as a personal level, with our evolution we constantely re-define what we perceive as good or wrong, mostly based on personal taste and social context, sometimes even as the most convenient form because the easiest, we will perceive it good.

I do refer as good what represents, serves, defines, creates, who I am, who I want to be, who I seek to be, and wrong as the opposite. So what is good to me, could be wrong to you as we both are different, judge not, observe and try to understand, I will try not to judge anymore any karmic path, what I´ve judged someday, I became another one, this is why my good and wrong definition keeps changing in order to fit my evolution and keep on track with who I am, who I am seeking to be.

I do not use these words in another context, as in my point of view I have clearly demonstrated that all “wrong” serves me to advance, to confirm or to infirm an experience that I have chosen.


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