Coordinadora25S – Pre 25S

When I have reached Madrid I had yet no idea what was about to happen,
After a few days I´ve started to go to the public assembly of the Coordinadora25S, an apolitical group of citizens who have decided to coordinate the 25 September move ” RODEA EL CONGRESO ”

Assembly after assembly I´ve started to get more involved, discussing ideas, organization, sometime strategies to finally spend most of my day time involved with them. So I would like to share with you my first true experience in the new life that I have freely chosen, making my action a definition of who I am in harmony with my values, beliefs, thoughts and words.

The first assembly I went, we were about 30 people, public assembly in Madrid streets, every one free to come and participate, I was carefully listening and I get to the understanding that they were only a very few people “ego” interested in this move, most people there were citizens of all generations, the younger generation and olders generations, compared to mine. That was in the second week of September just after I have reached Madrid.

Then Police came into game in a Sunday public assembly, identifying the (+/-) 25 peoples present, using fear strategy to de-coordinate the people willing to change the things. The day after, we were 17 present to the assembly, the fear strategy did not really work, people even identified were still willing to change the things, that sounded good.

Knowing that people were coming from all over spain for the 25S we started to organize ourselves to find places for them to stay in Madrid, they were no way we would let them down. A social center offered us eventually space for these people, the same social and cultural centre in which the coordinadora25S were born, sadly the day after, the Police came to that centre, and close it down with no legal or judicial order to do so, they illegaly closed the Casablanca social centre.

From that point, the fear had integrated our daily assembly, some people clearly stated that they were not trusting the group, that some infiltrated cops could be within us, ” I fear for my personal security ” was a sentence that made me sad at that time, eventually other centres that had offered us their support let us down, fearing the Police forces. That night we went to support the Casablanca social centre in a demonstration, but things had slighlty changed, we were less people in assemblies, but it had also the contrary effect, some people started to link up, we mostly were all strangers to each others.
On this day, I made my first “Human” contact with some of them and settled back in the position I love so much, being a social being socializing.

On the next assembly, we have been aware that people identified by the Police has been cited to court in relation to the Aricle 494 of Spanish penal code ” Acting against institution of the state ”

During this assembly, more people representative of others groups has joined us, people form Barcelona and other parts of Spain were present, they were only 6 days left to reach the decisive day, 25S.

We then started to daily comunication in public places, difussing flyers in the metro with a speech explaining what was the 25S about, the people were mostly receptive, curious, we had ovation and applause, people were coming into us to get a flyer before leaving the metro in their station, I must say that my compy Ai*** was a great speaker, he was able to get people attention and curiosity, he is one of the more active member of the collective from my point of view, he is the one who decided and draw the design of the pancarte, Ai*** is the kind of guy you really need if you want to create a mass movement.


Drawing the pancarte of theCoordinadora was fun and awesome, we were 3 or 4 depending of which day, but it was worth it, it has been a huge success 🙂 And a great hommage to the people arrested by the police on the 15 of September demonstration for showing a pancarte ” RODEA EL CONGRESO ” (

The next Sunday, the Police came back, to Identify more people, we could feel the fear of an illegitimate governement. The Coordinadora denunced the Police for their illegal behavior, but complaining against Police… You know what I mean ……

They were 2 days left, we all were really excited, some expecting few peoples during the demonstration, some (like me) expecting Madrid to be full of thousands of people.

I wish to thanks with the bottom of my heart, my mind and my Soul all the people who have participated to the create this social movement, the “Plataforma en pie” for starting the movment and the Coordinadora25S for accepting me and allowing to participate in this wonderful opportunity to create experiences defining who I am, for being such active and having such faith in humans.

So many friendly and warm people, a few very special relationship created with strangers, an unconditional and blind trust for some, you people can be very proud of you for what you have done, I love you all with the bottom of my heart and Soul, see you later for the assembly and tomorrow for the third round.

All my love,


Interpretation – My Believes, my Faith and I – The little voice


My Believes, my Faith and I – (Part2)

“ I love you too “ is the answer the little voice in my heart always gives me when expressing my love, a few words and a huge feeling overwhelming all my body, a caress into my inner self, a metaphysical hug. This is what the little voice in my heart, produce.

The little voice embedded.
Some calls it conscience, some calls it imagination, most of the people I shared this experience with, admitted (timidely for most) to have this little voice, represented as the little angel and the little devil on the shoulder in some cartoons or movies, this little voice has been with me since the age of 5 or 6 years old.

I clearly remember talking to this voice, and actually having discussion with this voice. I remember playing a game called “ Cap ou pas Cap “ during childhood, a common game among the children of my generation “Capable or not”, I do too remember having sometimes challenge with this little voice on this game, one day it was “ Capable or not to jump over an obstacle ”, this is one of the earliest memory I have of this age with this little voice in my heart.

Then I have no clear experience of it (only fuzzy memories, potentially created by the brain, a so unreliable source of experience) until the age of 15 years old, a rude part of my life in which I tried to end my days, an experience that allowed me to understand the pain of some people to live, so much pain that death becomes a potential relieve of it, it allowed me to develop compassion and love, and not to judge as weak a person that has not the will to live anymore.

My biggest attempt to end my days has been by taking the pills doctor gave me for depression and nervous state, I had a bottle full of whisky and lexomill, ready to get “drunk as hell” but before taking it, I have written a good bye letter, while writting it, I remember a clear experience with that voice inside me. One specific sentence of a few minutes discussion was “ You can not die if you do not truly wish so”, I did wish so and so I drank over the bottle and a suffisant amount of pills (The box).
I badly wanted to die as a mind, but I did not understand the true meaning of that single sentence, I could indeed not die without my Soul agreeing with the act.
I drank the alcohol, took the pills, lay down on my bed, waiting for the moment to relieve pain of my physical existence.
I woked up in an hospital, I ve been told that I myself called an ambulance, but have sincerely no memory of it, I do not remember everything after laying down in my bed.
I then had so much anger against God ( As a general term, I had no spiritual experience at that age to have my own definition of the concept, but I always felt since ever some kind of somethingy, never a single doubt about what I was feeling, however full of doubt about what to think ).

I then decided to become an asshole, I wanted to hurt people and spray sadness as a vengeance for living a life I hate, for the life to have let me waking up from this experience, I then converted my sadness into rage, rage against life and the creator of it . I might had no spiritual experience at that time,  but again since I am in this body I never had doubt that they were something somewhat higher, this is something I always felt deep inside me.
At the age of 18 years old, I got a tatoo of a Devil´s tale poping out my vertebral column, going around my leg. I wasn´t satanic at all, I just hated God and all it meant. I hated life, I hated myself, I hated the world.

At around 22 years old, I went back into another hard depressive state, I found myself several times layed down in my bed crying alone, I was living several thousand kilometers of the people I knew and love, I had chosen to go to live in China, I then felt in Love with a wonderful person, to then discover few months after that she was an escort girl and had several regular customers across the city. This literally destroyed me, it raped my ego with such a violence that it destroyed all my self-confidence, my heart broke into pieces and my moral reach a point even deeper that I never experienced.
In a desperate call to the universe, alone in my bed, crying all the tears of my body I asked why, what I had done to deserve this, I naturally (like if it was a natural function embedded in my body, in which I was turning to when I believed no one would understand me, or they would judge or laugh at me, I’ve realized that it is when you alone or believe to be alone in your desperation that you are the closer to this inner function)

I was then asking to “God” (again no spiritual or religious meaning at that time period of my life, just some kind of last chance prayer with no expectation of the result) why did he choose me for all this pain, what I have done to deserve it (funny enough when reading the above) and I have been answered by this little voice, in words so clear and so peaceful, I was alone in this war against the Life. That was the answer I received.

I have been demonstrated with concrete examples that what was in my reality was the creation of my choices in life, this voice out of nowhere in my head always came with a warm feeling of love and peace, I asked this voice who it was, this voice answered me  “ What you define, but in a much more evolve and profund form that you can even imagine “, I answered I love you, I had the first time this magical feeling of Love and the “I love you too” answer, I stop crying, I smiled and for a few days starting to think about this half an hour conversation I had with this voice out of nowhere.

With my suicide attempt few years before, I started to fear schizophrenia. I believed it was schizo sickness, I was so affraid, it didn´t make any sense, so I rejected any further interaction of this nature, it was a sickness that I didn´t need to expose to my outer world and there were no way I go to consult a doctor for this, life was though on me, from my perception…. I really didn´t need another personality in my head… I could not even handle one …

On the other side, I needed to share this experience, so I´ve talked about it with the Girl I was referring too above, we were not together anymore, it was easier and after what happened I didn´t fear the judgment that she could exprime, I expected the natural, that she laugh at me.
She did not, she (so naturally) asked me “ What God is telling you ?” I was so surprised, such an unexpected answer, I answered her “ God is telling me to follow my heart, and my heart loves you “.
We did not went back together, but it has been a great experience, my first spiritual experience, that I of course did not accept and keep blocking any contact of this form, when I did not initiate it (in my darkest times).
I still from time to time when life was though on me, called up upon for a talk and a few question, because it felt wonderfully good, but as well horribly scaring, this is not something I had heard about in my context before, in my perception I was different, I was scared of it not for what I believed it was, but for the meaning it had, mental fucked-upness.

The next and most important experience with this voice was at my 25 years old, I just lost my job, my girlfriend, had no income, but felt incredibly fine given the situation, I was more mature and able to handle shit of life with a certain serenity, at that time I saw a Youtube documentary that I do not remember at all the title, about intuitive writing, wasn´t interesting, but one of the guy that had written a book, said something like “ I am just taking notes of what the voice in my head says “ , I then was shocked, it was the first time I heard someone saying such a thing, I then had a violent feeling inside my body when thinking back of the moment describes above, the fact not to be alone anymore (in my perception) has waken up inside me the spiritual starvation that is feeding my life today.

I then called the voice again and had a 3 days discussion, didn´t do anything from my days but basics needs and talking with the little voice, from the moment I stopped to fear it, to pretend it was not here, it started to reveal itself, simply answering my questions in concept so clear that I could not be confused, always with a feeling in my body,
Again I asked this voice what it was, it answered Imagination, Conscience.

I Still didn´t understand how could the Universe talk to me, the answer was just too simple to believe, all people are special enough, it´s a matter of who listen and who doesn´t, who acknowledges and who ignores the communication.
The Universe communicate with all beings,  in thousand of different manners, using any ways, it´s a matter of being aware of it,

This 3 days conversation gave me all the concepts that I needed to start another kind of life, I felt like I had literally downloaded concept from the Universe database, with the user manual, Understanding of a concept has to be experienced to become knowing.
It took me several years, thousand of failure to reach who I am today, I dedicate my experience time on earth to convert this understanding into knowing, from a thought to an action, this is the importance of the harmony between thoughts, words and actions that I tend to preach,

Today I´m nearly 30 years old, accepting this voice has been one of the greatest thing that happened in my life, I ll come back to it during the posts of the blog from time to time,  I am comfortable with the label of an Imagination that can explain me the concept of universe in terms that I have never used or consciently heard before, we all have that little voice inside us, the mind of the heart, the voice to who we speak in our deepest or hardest experience, naturally embedded in our body, a way for the Universe to insure that none of his spiritual children will ever feel alone in this big body.
There is not a form of life that does not deserve the love, care and light of the Universe, and so I like any other being, was special enough to receive his/her/it love.

For the same reason as the guy in the video, I share this experience with my little voice, and to make sure my baby girl never doubt that she is worth the love of the biggest heart and the light of the clearest wisedom.

Thank you Salma for pushing me to write in this matter, I hope I’ve answered some of your question, I hope I could have helped anyone as that guy in the documentary did, sadly I can’t remember his name, I was focused on the experience not the context. I hope someday I ll be able to tell you how much I love and thanks you wise american guy, you changed my life 🙂
Love you little voice.
Love you people.

Madrid and it’s beauty, peoples.

This morning I made my way in the telefonica abandonned offices, plaza espanya.


I found a real town inside it, a homeless community living in the dying structure, I had my first urban survival lesson, the teacher at first came to order me to bug out of there, after a smoke we went on having a lil chat, from the guy who died in it yesterday falling down several floors, to the periodical cleansing ef the building made by police forces.


I made one more beautiful friend, who after the fear interaction, willingly shared the wonderfulness and horribly scaring path of his experience, he did not do anything more than loosing his job 3 Years ago, since then fear and alert are his daily state of mind and interaction.

I am glad I could share some love, this is really what people needs, in all situation, in all conditions, unconditionnal love and acceptance.


We then went for a visit of the building, and some signatures.

Wonderful morning 🙂

First Aid Kit


There the items which compose my medical kit, placed in a waterproof bag.

Contains: Aloe vera gel, my passport,antiseptic cream, cleansing wipe,microporous tape, ganja cream, nai cutter, emergency burncare, various wound dressing and adhesive strips, tabacco roling paper and some weed, thermometer, vinyl gloves, resucitation aid, emergency cover, cissors, ibuprofene, imodium, antibiotics,

But the best hardware is no use without skills, so i’m reading on, starving of knowledge on this field,

Interpretation – My Believes, my Faith


My Believes, my Faith and I – Following my heart

That´s going to be very personal ! And Very long ! But that´s just a very small glimpse to understand my contextual use of these words.

I´am originally from a Christian context of evolution, not baptised I am free of most core religious believes and mind constructed barriers due to the conditioning made to a one into his relationship to what he believes in.
I say most because as define by my context of evolution the only way that I knew to a spiritual higher entity was the one of the Catholic church, due to this fact the majority of my life spent on earth has been defined and conditioned by the Catholic rules, by design of context.

Most religions  got me with their Hell or lower reincarnation form, theory and they powerful loving entity that solves what looks like personal (ego) issues sending you to eternal pain ( I don’t get the “loving” does mean in that context, go figure!). Not targeting any religion here, just exposing with (no much) caricatures the “men way to dictate” applied to the entity that rules the universe and has the final word on anything (Free choice ?).

I lost these believes and fears going with a couples of years ago during a miraculous spiritual awakening I have witnessed, mine. I said miraculous because honestly, take my word, I was the last person in the world you would have taken seriously when speaking about faith or spirituality ! 😛
The (wonderful) people I have met these 5 last years have too, witnessed the shift, the people I have met before would not believe any word or action of what I am today, it just doesn´t fit the experience of who I used to be.

So I´ll tell more about my personal Faith, my Entity, my Believes and myself.
The entity I believe in what they refer at supreme enity, I don’t like to use religious labels, but when I do I refer to this, , it is what in I believe, what I feel, what I experience.Again, I do not like to use labels to refer to this entity as it place special meaning following the label, I do believe in a unique entity, however it name is  Jah, God, Allah, the Universe, The Creator, The Architect, The Purest Love, the Brightess Light, or whatever we choose to call it, the meaning is the same to me, I believe this entity being the universe itself on a certain form, but I discard all religious meaning of it. Make this point clear, when I use Jah, God, the Universe or Allah,
There is no Rastafarian, Christian, Sikh or Buddisth meaning related to it when it comes from my typing. Religious meaning of this entity doesn´t fit in my experience of life.

Dad of my physical Child I would never hurt my daughter, she can literally stab me in the back,I could not raise my hand on her, because she is my beloved child and I love her with no need for conditions, my love towards her does not require any physical condition to be filled, how can my God could be less loving than I am ? That’s why I am saying the judging God doesn’t fit my experience of life.

In the Physical form, my God is the Universe in which we evolve, in the metaphysical form, the energy of love, the one that drives life itself. So I´ll try to get on the physical definition, based on observation of my physical experience,

It´s all about scale, to make it short, I am physically composed with quantum foam and string as the smallest scale our science has discovered so far which has a size of around 0,0000000001 yoctometers, this quantum foam and strings itself compose the space between much bigger neutrinos, and quarks of several size,  which grouped up compose electrons and nucleus which create atoms which assembled gives molecules, which allows DNA, giving chromosomes, which then allow cells.
You did’nt get that shit ? Me neither I just copy/pasted it, the principal is that ” which grouped up compose electrons and nucleus which create atoms which assembled gives molecules, which allows DNA, giving chromosomes, which then allow cells” It is just a matter of scale.

Science has shown that 2 identical cells has their own reaction in front of a similar event, since then we says that “ Cells has their own intelligence “, an example is demonstrated when an foreign object is penetrating the body, some of the skins cells will literally make the sacrifice of their lifes to create a shell in order to contain the infection, some others skin cells will enter into a reproductive mode, others will fight against potential infection, some will allow specific chemical reaction to trigger function into the brain, all these are the same identical cells. They literally act as we do when a natural mayhem hit our civilisation, the common objective is the reestablishment of the calm, everyone having his role to play. A cell has it’s own energy “power plant”, it’s own digestive system and is covered by a tiny skin.

The magics opere here:  65 000 billions cells, create in a permanent harmony, maintain, form, heal, optimise a whole body,which will be doted of his own self, his own mind, his own skin, it’s own power plant, it’s own digestive, the ability to communicate. Can we possibily thing about each cell of own body having is own consciousness ? Because cells too communicate, in various forms.

Well me, I believe to be a cell of the universe body, being the physical cell of a being with his own conscience, my soul being my connector to this wonderful entity. Just a matter of scale…

Did you notice how our solar system, how every planet and sattelites just look so much the same as an atomic system does? From the biggest galaxy to the smallest particles, we all are the same matter, same chemical composition, just different energy frequencies vibrations. There’s another thing I liked when I discovered it, there are around 65 000 billions stars in the milky way, does that number sounds like something you just read ?
Just a matter ….

They say with meditation, one can see through the several layers of his body, one can literally see how much his own soul is diluted by fear and can trigger a miracle healing in his own body, in this way, one can communicate with his cells.
Then I do believe the same applies with the soul, but as a much easier and bigger scale, we might not respect our cells as alive being, and so we might tend to disrespect our bodies, but this is the limitation of men understanding, I believe.

Well me, I believe to be a cell of the universe, being the physical cell of a being with his own conscience, my soul being my connector to this wonderful entity. Just a matter …

I can imagine the universe as a being much more evolve and complex than a human being (with no difficulty) a being dedicated to the purest and unconditional love of his cells, and I do not mean the men, but all the spirit children of the universe. That’s something to me that’s sounds more like a vision of what would it be like ! Something like Wooooaaaaaw !!! Maaaaaaannn !!!!!!
This is my believes in physical terms that more or less explain what I could call my vision of God in his/her/it form. Now if I am one of that cell, I wanna be a cell that heals.

My experience became the basic tool of my spiritual path, experience plus feelings defines if an experience suits my path or not, I love feelings, they are so clear, I straight know if I feel good or not, I believe feelings to come from the heart (when not counterfeit by the mind) and I believe my heart to be the most effective GPS on my path to enlightenment.

“<3  <——  Follow this for a better world”

I have experienced so many time the wisdom of this statement that it became my main core value. Following my heart, the whispering of my Soul.


Interpretation – My perception of good, wrong, errors and mistakes

How do I define good and wrong, mistakes and error:

I´am about to enter a very personal subject, but I have been very lucky to meet people in my life which who I could share these in long and deep conversation, removing the shame and unpleasant feeling created by exposing such personal data. The (wonderful) Mom of my baby and many of my “brothers” (very close and intimate friends) allowed me to pass out the last level of “ Not defining itself in the eyes of others “, I can now expose any experience I had in this lifetime, any believes, any words without the fear to be judged or unaccepted. Which I believe to be a gift allowing to fully experience yourself in a social context.

It allows me to share the more intimate details of my life and faith with no worries, I do not mind anymore to expose my most shameful experiences if it serves someone not to reproduce them in their karmic path, or may be even to acknowledge them and so work on it.

I´ve observed that it´s when you recognize and accept what we defines as our “mistakes” ( I do not use that term in his common meaning, when I say mistake I refer as an experience that is not a representation of who I am or who I seek to be, an experience that I have created which goes in the opposite way of what I define as my personal evolution, knowing that making this “opposite” experience allows me to understand or remember that it does not represent me, I can not consider it as a mistake, but only as a step in my evolution, it´s the beautiful duality of our physical universe), so when we acknowledge our “mistakes” we are able to realize, understand and create a shift in our experience not to do that “mistake” again, it´s all about evolution.

Faking that there is no mistake does´nt allow the empowerment to correct it, change it or do something about it. It allows us to do nothing about it. In this meaning I wish my mistakes can help all everyone who cross my path. I use the exact same methodology when I refer to good and wrong, almost everyone in our civilization has reach the understanding that good and wrong are subjectives values, on several levels, as a social system to define rules in which we can lives all together, laws are such a social concept. A law defines as a social level what is good or bad in our context, sadly when leaving in an immoral society, immoral laws tend to root into that concept.

I am French, in my native nation prostitution is illegal, I am living in Spain, I was living in Spain, in which prostitution is legal, so if you go from “ Le boulou, France “ to “ La Jonquera, Spain “ you can find that the prostitution is define as “wrong” by French laws at the begining of the road, and as “OK” by Spanish laws a few kilometers down the very same road. This demonstrate how subjective our definition of Good and Wrong is defined as a social level, I can observe it to be the same as a personal level, with our evolution we constantely re-define what we perceive as good or wrong, mostly based on personal taste and social context, sometimes even as the most convenient form because the easiest, we will perceive it good.

I do refer as good what represents, serves, defines, creates, who I am, who I want to be, who I seek to be, and wrong as the opposite. So what is good to me, could be wrong to you as we both are different, judge not, observe and try to understand, I will try not to judge anymore any karmic path, what I´ve judged someday, I became another one, this is why my good and wrong definition keeps changing in order to fit my evolution and keep on track with who I am, who I am seeking to be.

I do not use these words in another context, as in my point of view I have clearly demonstrated that all “wrong” serves me to advance, to confirm or to infirm an experience that I have chosen.

My perception – How do I define Prophets, Religion and believers.

How do I perceive Religion, believers and Prophets:

I see 3 distinct concepts in these words that has to be explained to avoid confusion, I do not wish to offend anyone or to be disrespectful to anyone, any groups or any believes, but still wish to expose what I believe in regards of these 3 concepts.

I see in most case, as a first step, a source of light, a man for some religion, a book written by a man for others, which create a movement of acceptation due to the clarity and the attraction embedded inside all of us to the answer of life questions. Some defines these people as Prophets, I personally see enlightened being, who have created a shift in our civilization helped by the lightness of their wisdom and believes and the application in physical reality of their values.

Then is created an organisation to spray the light over the world, we label this as a religion, Persons who agree on the teachings and follows the same believes joins to create this organisation with a hierarchical structure, canalizing their faith in the same direction and spraying the truth of their light (With more or less violence following the Religions and Time-space period). A religion can allows the killing of people in the name of his entity, the burning or the genocide of a skill. Today in 2012 the biggest church still bless rifles of U.S Soldier before they are send out to death. They also own one of the top guns and rifles manufacturer in the world. I wont name any religion but I can virtually find an example of such contradiction for any religion in this planet at a time-space period given. Most of them wants to lighten for you the path, but sadly they often use the fire in that purpose.

Then the Religious, the believers, wonderful peoples with needs to express their love to the entity they believe in, a dedication to the others, usually a will to make the world a better place, believers are those who follow and/or practice, compose a religion, as a citizen compose the society he lives in and comply with the laws, the believer live by the rules of his religion, or does his best to, everyone for the reasons that belong to their experiences.

So I see the exemplarity of a man, showing a path to others who attracted by his lightness, follow the teaching and eventualy it may give birth to a religion.
The religion then may grow large in number of followers and even build church for the transmition of the teachings of the divine message.
The religion will build an aura, conquest culturally and eventually may turn into a power and money making business. We fake to believe that the religion is a shield to men weakness, but we all knows that there are not avoidable in religion more than it is in our social context. This is why I respect believes, believers, but I have difficulties with the structured hierarchical, multi-billions making, weapon manufacturer churchs and others similar movements. It’s the same problem I have with political ideology, politician, and militants, in the same order, same definitions.

I also doubt in the fact that following the experience of another being leads to the same result, the churches, temples etc of this world has all failed to reproduce a Christ, a Muhammad, an Abraham or a Buddha. They all had different life’s, different experiences, different teachings, but a similar message. And so I badly doubt that following the exact same path of one of them will lead to enlightenment, but looking in their messages and teachings, what we can apply to our own experiences in our own path, might lead  to some wisdom and may be to the last date on our Soul´s calendar, enlightenment.

If there are 7 billions people in this planet, I believe in 7 billions way to reach enlightenment, so I chose the easiest one, my tracks.

This is all I define myself in regards of our Prophets, Religion and Believers. so you can get my meaning of theses terms in my writings about this and that and so not feeling ofensed for a misinterpretation of my (sometimes undelicate) words.

Always in the respect,
That’s the only rule to remember about freedom of speach.

GuidelineWikipedia: A guideline is a statement by which to determine a course of action. A guideline aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine or sound practice. By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory. Guidelines are not binding and are not enforced. Guidelines may be issued by and used by any organization to make the actions of its employees or divisions more predictable, and presumably of higher quality.