Source of Love

I am the proud dad of a wonderful baby, she is one year and half and she really is, my most evolved cell, she is all my world and people often sees egoism in giving up the next few years of my life at her side,

I had to make this point several time to explain my perception of this travel within the duality of loving my baby.

Knowing that she is happy and safe is all that matters for me, she actually is, living with her mum and in a certain proximity of direct familly.

If I have one lesson to teach her it would be, be who you want to be and experience it 100%, it is no concern to you what people perceive in your experience, but what you can bring them through your own experience. It’s to me the path of happiness, and I will tell her that surely if tomorrow I could trade all the people of the world materialism against happiness for lifetime, I would own that planet.

But yet, people runs after money with any kind of excuses,  so they make a sacrifice on time in order to earn money to buy food and goods in order to demonstrate love to their loving ones.  Insane complicated shit !
When the only thing they need is to experience love and not a physical demonstration of a conceptual love, there is no feeling within an object, but our hearts are full of feelings to share and offer.

When I Look at these kids being upset because they did not have their wanted christmas gift but another one, that makes me sad, I am thinking, what are we doing with our next generation ? Aren’t we fucking them up raising them with such value/love system ?
We are teaching our childs that love is conditional and the biggest is the love, the more expansive must be the gift, or the more fashion or rare or anything that empower it’s materialistic value. what the fuck did happen to us ?! When did it go wrong ?! When did everything fucked up ?!

We have reduced and scaled the divine feeling to a good we can buy. Is it truly what we wanted for our us ? Is that love ? If the answer is Yes, then I believe that must be the most egoist form of love.
Seriously we have made a monetary system that can crash in a minute and a love that is conditioned by a certain amount of money. Is there yet anyone that remembers that old concept of unconditional love ?

I wanna thanks the mum of my baby, she doesn’t agree (Like most of the people who surround me) with this change, but she still supports me,
I must say I am very proud to have her as the mum of our baby, she is much more evolve than I am on certain point and she has been the creator of a quantum leap in my evolution, so Thanks to you , I can go on my path without a worry for our baby, you are an amazingly beautiful soul. I both love you from the bottom of my heart and my Soul, you both led me to the understanding that one doesn’t need the physical presence of a being to express and experience love, which makes it by design, unconditional.




8 thoughts on “Source of Love

  1. Thanks for this my love. Even if I don’t agree on the form you chose to pursue a change I will follow everystep of your journey , with our little and beautiful daughter waiting for your return one day to share all these experiences with us and finally live in a digferent way, free from judgements free from bondaries free from our own prisons and fears. Good luck in this quest and remember we will always be by your side even if a thousand and more miles away. LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Elena and Nashira

  2. Poeme de Konstantin Kavafis

    Quand tu partiras pour Ithaque,
    souhaite que le chemin soit long,
    riche en péripéties et en expériences.
    Ne crains ni les Lestrygons, ni les Cyclopes,
    ni la colere de Neptune.
    Tu ne verras rien de pareil sur ta route
    si tes pensées restent hautes,
    si ton corps et ton âme ne se laissent effleurer
    que par des émotions sans bassesse.
    Tu ne rencontreras ni les Lestrygons, ni les Cyclopes,
    ni le farouche Neptune,
    si tu ne les portes pas en toi-meme,
    si ton coeur ne les dresse pas devant toi.

  3. Waow Mei,

    Estoy sin palabras…
    Sabes, creo que he llegado en un punto en mi vida en el cual creo que soy capaz andar y no crear en mi experiencia el encuentro con los Lestrygons, Cyclopes a partir de mis acciones y emociones,

    Pero todos llevamos nuestros miedos (A mi me da mas miedo los dientes que Neptuno 😛 ) y espero que mi corazón me pondrá en estas experiencias que me ayudaran a entender y pasar de ellos, este poema es maravilloso y me toca mucho especialmente en este contexto,

    Muchas gracias Mei 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post, one of the deepest and most sincere I’ve ever stumbled upon on the web.
    I don’t know you personally, I don’t speak French but nevertheless I think I have understood the meaning of this blog: please keep it updated if you can during your long journey, and if it happens that you’ll write it in English I’ll enjoy it even more.
    Again, one of the most beautiful post I’ve read in a long while.
    So intense.
    I wish you all the best, also for your “inner journey”.

  5. Hello Henry !!

    What an empowering message you left me, you made my day 🙂 From the bottom of my heart thanks for taking the time to type those words, it’s when one receive messages like yours that one understand the creative power of words.

    It’s a pity that we do not know both each other and are not native from the same language, I’m a native French and mainly people of my country including my relatives doesn’t speak English, So I’m trying my best to write a correct French or English that can be handle by web translator trying to conceal both 😛
    I ll keep trying this way, English and French

    I will keep the blog updated along this amazing travel, I will write offline post and update the blog when my path will cross wireless network, I will be mainly with mother nature, but I keep in mind that I am a social being and so, social contact and interactions becomes a need, I might not update often, but I will sure share the experiences of this inner and social journey 🙂

    Thanks so much again Henry,
    Thanks, really

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