My Interpretation

Disclaimer 😛
In all communication process there are 3 elements involved, the sender, the receiver and the message. The sender send a message through one of the several device available (words, feeling, facial expression, gestures etc) to the receiver which will interpret the message, my main device to communicate with you through this blog will be words, which are based on the interpretation you will make of them.

Your interpretation will be based on your experience, your values, your beliefs etc. Because the words are full of limitations, they can be misunderstood, they can be confusing, they can hide the truth and so they are mainly interpreted (or misinterpreted) in a subjective way.
Words only tries to describe a situation, a concept, an idea, a feeling or an experience, they help to reach the understanding of the subject they describes, but they do not allow to reach the experience of it, experience which leads to knowledge.

In our context, we placed too much importance on words, we even discard experience in preference to words when they both doesn´t match, our political and social is based on words, the appearance, the illusion, we mainly tend to define ourselves in words, symbolizing who we are, allowing us to socially appear the way we wants, blinding ourselves on the fact that our experiences does´nt reflect our words, we allow ourselves not to see the experience of the others. It´s a convenient system in which everyone can appear to be “this” and no one as to actually act like it.
This why I take extra-caution with words.

Then I´ll do my best to provide a clear interpretation of the words that I use and the meaning that it has to me, and so limit to a maximum (Hopefully) misinterpretation, I will do my best to explain shortly how I use certain words, in a specific context (the one of my experience of life)


3 thoughts on “My Interpretation

  1. Juju, je ne peux pas voir tes vidéos des gorges de l’ardeche, elles sont privées. Papa

  2. Bonjour Juju, Je suis en métropole depuis ce matin. Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire. Toute la famille se joint à moi et on t’embrasse tous bien fort.
    J’espère que j’aurai l’occasion de te voir avant mon départ, le 3 janvier.
    Prends bien soin de toi mon fils.
    Je t’aime

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